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Cattarse (Black Water)

Crank this to 7.8 of 11

Released: 2016

Genre: Hard Rock

Sounds Like: Wolfmother, Royal Blood

Hailing from Porto Alegre, Brazil (just about 18 hours from Rio De Janeiro where the Summer Olympics were played) we welcome Cattarse to our list of bands flying under the radar. The three-piece band delivers nine solid hard rock tracks that work well in its entirety. Black Water is their second full length release after 2014’s self-titled effort.

We tend to be a bit critical of straight-shooting hard rock bands these days as the lyrics often lack substance and the melodies become routinely tiresome. Not the case here, as Cattarse delivers a very genuine sound with a ton of octane. We would love to give you more biographical information regarding the band but unfortunately there ain’t shit out there that we can find just yet.

Top tracks we recommend

The opener "Walking on Glass" is the best track on the album. The melody reminds us of an old Orangutang track we love. Great grooves within the guitar melodies. The lead vocals get a little rockabilly meets Dio which somehow works. Just enough distortion to keep our ears perked.

"Sound Barrier" for the most raunchy guitar-work on the album and some decent Sabbath impressions. We particularly like the tight percussion work and start-stop sporadic tempos.

Vocal performance

Average. The vocals lack consistency as we are a bit thrown off by the unique tease in the opening track and then vocals. Subsequent tracks do morph into some cock rock moments that involuntarily cause the fist pump.

Does the album art reflect the music?

Superb album cover, but the dark images do not match the high adrenalin of the album. Album cover would better match something much darker.

Did anything irk us about the Black Water?

Occasionally the lead singer infuses an “evil” inflection in his voice that does not quite work. We love the open style vocals off the first track instead of some of the more forced versus.

Two words that describe this album.

Adrenalin filled

What other bands do we recommend if you enjoy this album?

Check-out the band Red Fang and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Adult beverage pairing.

Red bull and vodka would help you meet their energy.

Final thoughts.

Cattarse have promise for the future. Hopefully they look to fine tune the vocals with some more consistency and original flavor. A few tacks fall off track a bit, but overall its a solid effort.

Track Listing:

1. Walking on Glass (3:41)

2. Mr. Grimm (4:11)

3. Sound Barrier (3:40)

4. Meet Me in the Darkness (4:25)

5. You Blew My Mind (3:15)

6. Turn to Stone (4:48)

7. Fire in the Hole (4:24)

8. Black Water (4:40)

9. Ashes (4:05)

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