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Captives of the Void (Hypnos)

Crank this to 8.5 of 11

Released: 2017

Genre: Progressive Rock, Stoner Rock

Sounds Like: Karma To Burn, Joe Satriani, Atomic Bitchwax

The latest album from the UK duo Captives of the Void really takes us on an instrumental journey through various form of rock and metal. Hypnos, the bands second release has this unique blend of progressive rock fused with a slight stoner blues, making for one hell of an entertaining album. The production is crisp, clean and sounds mighty when cranked at high volumes. Join us as we dive deeper into world of Hypnoswith our Q&A interview.

Q&A with Captives of the Void:

Who are the band members?

Max Storr - Bass Guitar

Jack Larkin- Guitar and production

R11: Who produced the album or is it self-produced?

Jack: The album was self-produced on a budget of almost nothing. I’ve been into the production side of things since before the first album. I’d love to do some production work for other bands in the stoner rock community at some point too, I could see that being a lot of fun.

R11: We don’t have a clear-cut favorite track onHypnos, it has a bit more mature sound than your previous work. Have you guys been playing together very long?

Max: I started playing with jack in our first band about 15 years ago, we'd just jam blues mainly, back when we didn't have jobs so we could play every day for hours. At first i'd play simple bass lines to hold a rhythm and jack would play these amazing solos. We'd do this for months at a time. It taught me how to jam and built a solid musical partnership that has stayed ever since.

As time went on, our tastes got heavier and more varied so by the time we started captives years later we both had a unique playing style.

Jack: Yeah, as Max said we really grew as musicians together right from the start. After 15 years theres a sort of unspoken communication when we jam where we both know where we should be going next, and that spills over into writing album tracks, we barely disagree when writing.

R11: The track “Joined in Orbit” is a pleasant turn of events; we love the addition of the saxophone by Tilley Riddle. Can you tell us more about this collaboration?

Max: It was a nice chain of events for this one, a radio station called banks radio in Australia played one of our songs from the first album, which caught the ear of a guy called Paul in New Zealand. He messaged the band to say how much he liked our stuff and was really supportive. He posted on his page one day something about working with a saxophonist who he had sent tracks to and they sent them back with amazing sax on. That was Tilly , so i asked for some details as i’ve always loved Sax on psychedelic tracks. At the time i was listening to a lot of Black Bombaim. We sent a rough track over and she sent it back within a couple of days and it sounded amazing, after hearing it we decided the sax should be at the forefront so the bass and guitar took a backseat for it. We’re really happy with how it all worked.

Jack: When I got the sax track from Max and threw it into the project I was blown away. I reworked the whole track with the guitar and modular taking a back seat. The sax became the defining element, fully deservingly!

R11: What bands have you been touring with and who would you love to play a show with?

Max: As we’re a studio band we haven't had the pleasure of gigging yet. We did plenty in our other bands but not for captives yet. We are looking into how a live show would work and booking rehearsal time for next year to work it out. The local music scene is quite good at the minute, with a lot of venues putting of heavy/psychedelic rock shows.

Me and my dad used to run a monthly stoner rock night called The great Northern Trendkill back in 2008, we always struggled to find suitable local bands but got some great bands from further afield like Widows, Jacknife Holiday, Mantra and eYsaw who all played regular slots and were amazing.

Now there are a lot more local bands playing that style of music it means more gigs and more opportunities to play.

The good thing about more people playing a certain genre, especially locally is that it forces bands to sound different and create there own style to avoid sounding like everyone else.

R11: We hear many different styles of rock in your music; from stoner, classic metal and progressive rock. Who are your influences?

Max: I’m massively influenced by Buckethead and Bill Laswell. The amount of music they create whether it's a solo project or a collaboration is insane. I’ve always loved bands like Karma to Burn, Black Bombaim ,Earthless and Lilacs and Champagne. Sabbath and Sleep obviously. 1000mods have been a recent favorite, i travelled to Desertfest in Athens to see them last year and to see the whole crowd singing along to the sound of the riffs was just amazing.

Jack: Tool, Clutch, and Kyuss are huge influences, and recently 1000mods for sure. My guitar playing is influenced by the likes of Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, a lot of the blues rock players who could take one note and just wail on it. A lot of bluesy stuff makes it into captives tracks.

R11: How did you come up with the name Captives of the Void?

Max: I spotted it in an old 1950’s sci-fi comic and it seemed like the perfect name for the project we had. I enjoy working within the space theme, creatively it gives you something to work towards.

R11: Two albums in two years, you guys are on a roll, any plans in 2018?

Max: We are hoping to play our first live gig, we are starting with rehearsals in the new year to get an idea of what works and how to arrange the set. Maybe a few live stream jams too so we can reach a wider audience and get some feedback

R11: Do you have any more insights about Hypnos?

Max: We had a few more tracks we were working on but as these 8 tracks found an order, we couldn't imagine any other songs going before or after them. They just flowed so well. There is a Greek theme with the album name and artwork too, this is partly because when i was in Athens for desert fest, all the return flights were cancelled, and the soonest next flight i could get was for 10 days later and i had no money to stay that long.

As soon as flights were back up and running, the only money i had access to that quick was the savings from our first album which i had to use before all the seats were taken. So musically, Athens and Desertfest over there will always mean a lot to me and have a strong connection to the band.

Jack: Yeah, this album felt like a very natural progression from the first album. We’re more sure footed. We’ve carved out our own sound, but there’s still the playful experimentation there that drove the first album.


1. It's Not Safe (5:30)

2. Blazed Trail (4:39)

3. The Search (4:51)

4. Joined in Orbit (feat. Tilly Riddle) (5:30)

5. Gravitational Collapse (4:16)

6. Victory (2:32)

7. Hypnos Awakens (4:16)

8. Belka (7:21)

A big thank you to Max and Jack from Captives of the Void for taking the time to discuss their band and the new album Hypnos. We urge you to give these guys a serious listen if you love the combination of instrumental progressive and stoner rock.

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