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Camel Driver (Self Titled)

Crank this to 8 of 11

Released: 2014

Genre: Stoner Rock, Math Rock

Sounds Like: Spickle, Biblical Proof of UFO’s, Don Caballero

When Math rock and Stoner rock collide it can be very involved and technical, especially when played at a high level. Camel Driver from Kiel, Germany have released a damn fine album that accomplishes this. From the impressive catalog of Pink Tank Records, this release running at 38 minutes will grab your attention from the beginning and hold your interest all the way through. Formed in 2012, the band has toured excessively and made a name for themselves as an act to see live. This three-piece instrumental band is made up of Christoph  (Bass), Lutz (guitar) and Alex (drums) and they have conjured up eight diverse  tracks to make one hell of an entertaining album.

Track Listing:

1. Minor Cause (3:48)

2. Wedding (3:13)

3. Talus (3:16)

4. Devils Marbles (6:29)

5. Heraklion (6:46)

6. Megalith (6:35)

7. Party Ogre (3:52)

8. Outro (3:15)

Total: 38:00

Right from the get-go they are in full form on “Minor Cause,” as the band is in full synch and never looks back. This track is a fine example of how the album plays out; it’s full of rhythmic change-ups and steady, well timed break-downs. Just when the song is coming to a fading close, they inject a spark at the last four seconds, it’s the little touches that make this album special. “Wedding” is another quality track that will keep your interest.  The band gets a bit heavier and there is some impressive guitar licks happening here. We actually hear a quick vocal chant right at the end, another fine touch. The song “Talus” has some Stoner rock influences embedded here as the song has a crunching vibe, think Karma To Burn doing a Math rock instrumental.

Now we come to “Devils Marbles,” one of the longer tracks and it showcases their diversity. This exploratory steady jam becomes very interesting at the 5:25 mark. The rhythm takes a sudden turn towards a Phish-like bluesy jam and yes they throw in what sounds like a kazoo here.  “Heraklion” and “Megalith,” two other long tracks bombard you with their math-styled rock. These songs could be the most diverse ones on the album; the high and low moments feed off each other very well. The second to last track “Party Ogre” is crunchy and thick in the beginning than they lead us to a more mesmerizing stoner rock feel in the middle; there are some very nice subtle contrasts in this song. The last song “Outro” is exactly what you think it is, a mellow instrumental that brings the album to a close.

We love the Math rock genre here at Rotation11 as it can be so diverse at times. Camel Driver have caught our attention and deserve to be noticed, these three talented musicians have what it takes to thrive in the ever changing world of Math rock. So, add this one to your collection; it’s fresh and just a bit different to standout and spice up your music library.

Standout Tracks: Wedding, Heraklion

Follow Camel Driver: Bandcamp / Facebook


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