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Cambrian Explosion (The Sun)

Crank this to 8 of 11

Released: 2013

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Sounds Like: Hookworms, Tame Impala

Nestled in the Northwest music scene mecca of Portland, Oregon Cambrian Explosion burst with classic psychedelia with their 2013 debut The Sun. With a shit ton of competition in the area Cambrian certainly establishes themselves with the core psychedelic make-up through and through. But did they set themselves apart from the significant volume of releases these days? Not so much unfortunately. While the album is certainly above average it essentially maintains solid status throughout.The Sun EP, being the bands first release takes a pretty conservative approach with some quality fundamental psychedelia. It will keep you entertained and pleased if you enjoy floating ethereal albums.

Track Listing:

1. Umbra of Mind (6:40)

2. The Sun (6:37)

3. Black Maven (5:07)

4. Uzu (1:18)

5. Temple Song (6:37)

Band Members:

Nori Lockhart - guitar, vocals

Ben Dorothy - drums, vocals

Derrin Twiford - keyboards, percussion

Archie Heald - bass

Standout Tracks:

“Temple Song,” we appreciate the Middle Eastern appeal and vocal distortion on this track. Out of the five tracks this one ventures out the most and provides a little further dip into altered states. Guitar and keyboard harmonization really compliment each other well on this track.

Exceptional standout moments on the album:

"Umbra of the Mind" features some very cool contrasts with the start-stop morphing in and out of clarity.

Other albums would we recommend if you enjoy Cambrian Explosion:

HookwormsPearl Musickicks the tripiness up a notch. We highly recommend you add this one also to your collection.

Adult Beverage Pairing:

Hub Lager- grainy, golden, 100 percent organic, formerly draft-only brew spiced with Zeus hops in 16-ounce cans. Perfect mediocre alcohol content at 5.1% ABV

Final Thoughts:

Solid straight-shootin psychedelia is what Cambrian Explosion delivers. Certainly worth your time. Will it be in your top five “go to” psychedelic albums in the late night? Perhaps not but the foursome certainly show promise and fervor for the genre. We are looking forward to reviewing their latest Moon EP and are hopeful that they continue to branch-out a bit more and try to set themselves apart further from the masses.

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