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Brujas del Sol (Moonliner)

Crank this to 9 of 11 - Editor's Pick

Released: 2013

Genre: Neo-Psychadelic Rock, Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Monster Magnet, 35007, Hawkwind

While Neo-psychedelic rock may not be a new genre, more and more bands are finding themselves classified here. The music is influenced by the psychedelic music of the 1960’s, from such bands as Pink Floyd or Hawkwind. These artists brought to the fore front the styles of spaced-out, distorted jams and experimentation. Some neo-psychedelic rock has been influenced by drug use or political views, whatever drive these artists have to put out such unique music, it’s certainly welcome around here. Just take a look at our review for Group 1850 and you’ll see a glimpse into the past for this genre.

This brings us to Brujas del Sol, a quartet from Columbus, Ohio, and their debut full length Moonliner. This album consists of six songs clocking in at 46:48 minutes. Its six tracks full of psychedelic, free-form stoner rock, that is sure to entice you fellow psychedelic rock fans. The music is captivating and vivid, there are no rules here on Moonliner, it’s a free-for-all mind-expanding album. We begin our experience with the ten minute "Ships in the Distance", not only is this a great song title, but the music reflects this image as well. This track is atmospheric, explosive, and smooth, as it will do your speakers justice and it just wets the appetite for what’s yet to come.  Moving on to "Satanic Surf Girls Love to Dance," this track moves at a steady pace with a slow subtle build that will induce a euphoric glaze over your conscious. With the swirling, stoner driven guitars and the sturdy bass, it’s easy to get lost in this song.

The expansive and layered "Conquistadors" is just a so damn good and inspiring; it has a mid-tempo groove and well-timed vocals. And yes, there are vocals on this album. They are perfect for this music, never overwhelming, but blend in naturally, giving the music more aura and depth. The lengthy "Noon on the Moon" is more psychedelic jamming that will pull you into its vortex. The underlying bass and synth work here keep the track grounded as the guitars just swirl around in space; it’s quite a contrast that works. The surf rock influenced "Baba Yaga" has a different feel from the other tracks. We love how the song morphs into a Peter Gunn Spyhunter theme for stoners, as it also starts to go into Ozric Tentacles territory, very unique touch. Closing our journey is "Castles Upon Golden Gate", this melodic song, is somewhat uplifting, were not sure why, it must be all the elements just gel together perfectly, providing a strong ending to the album.

Brujas del Sol have a very  special recipe going here. For a debut album, Moonliner is expansive and mature beyond its years. Their blend of psychedelic/stoner rock invigorating and fresh and we hope to see them stand out and make a name for themselves in the neo-psychedelic world. Add them to your rotation; we have no doubt they will be a mainstay in your  collection.

Standout Tracks: Conquistadors

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