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Brother Giant (Self Titled)

Turn this to 4.1 of 11

Released: 2016

Genre: Hard Rock

Sounds Like: Adema, Five Finger Death Punch, Soil

Brother Giant from Sweden are a melting pot of current heavy rock acts; you will hear everything from Soil to Five Finger Death Punch and even a touch of Nickleback. They really don’t bring anything new to the table, yet they occasional have good rhythm breakdowns scattered throughout. We’ve had this one in our rotation for a while to see if it would grow on us, well, it’s time to put this one on the shelves and move on.

What are the highlights of this album?

The track “Anchor” is by far the best cut. It features tight, dense rhythms and good vocals, the lyrics are interesting as well.

How is the production value?

The production is clean and powerful, well suited for this style of rock. These guys are talented musicians and gel well together.

How is the vocal performance?

Not bad for a hard rock band, the lead singer does have pipes, however the lyrics can be a bit cheesy at times. Just listen to “Do It Again,” with rhyming lyrics like ‘I’m satisfaction from the action… it creates chain reaction…’ than comes the chorus of ‘I’m gonna do it… do it again’ repeated over and over.

What adult beverage do we recommend while listening to this album?

Busch Lite. A watered down brew would suffice here.

What are our final thoughts?

Brother Giant seems a bit unoriginal, and although there are flashes of good musicianship, we’ll just put this one aside.

Band Members:

Anton Alfredsson - Bass / Vocals

Victor Bergström - Guitar

Philip Stjernberg - Drums


1. Anabolic 03:43

2. Out of my Head 03:01

3. Do It Again 02:52

4. Swing It Like a Gangster 03:44

5. Anchor 03:13

6. Highschool Rollah Rollah 04:50

Follow Brother Giant: Bandcamp / Facebook


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