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Boyfrndz (Breeder)

Crank this to 8.8 of 11

Released: 2014

Genre: Math Rock, Progressive

Sounds Like: The Mars Volta, The Rapture, The Sounds of Animals Fighting

Porno-stache lead singer with a strong stage presence blessed with pipes that remind us of the lead singer of Mars Volta (Cedric Bixler-Zavala) accompanied by one hell of a drummer from Berklee make for a very intriguing band and a very entertaining live show. We caught these guys opening for ...And You Will Know us By the Trail of the Dead and they put on one hell of a show. As we hit the t-shirt stand, there it was, Breedera bunch of zombie-like naked baby mannequins set against a plush green landscape on an album cover. Impossible to pass up.

Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Each Others

3. All At Once

4. Shape Shifter

5. Dark Braining

6. Design

7. Make Believe

8. Burn Through It

9. Big Faces

Run Time: 34:39

While the album is short, it provides a significant amount of diversity and range. Hailing from the saturated band market of Austin Texas the Boyfrndz definitely has its own style and eerie feel. The dark haunting "Intro" kicks it off with weeping piano and a great lead-in to the heavy and emotional "Each Others". This track really provides you the echo-effect and piercing vocals and off-beat syncopation that is the backbone of Boyfrndz. "All At Once" really knocks you upside the head with that Mars Volta math-rock esque vibe. Aaron Perez is sheer energy and precision. Mesmerizing and a real focal point to their act.

Band Members:

Scott Martin - guitar, Vocals

Joseph Raines - Bass

Aaron Perez - Drums

Ben Livingston - Keyboards

"Shape Shifter" is one of our favorites off the album. Brilliant percussion work with the ominous repetitive keyboards, the song builds quite dramatically and morphs into this weeping guitar-work. Very moving piece. The next track "Dark Braining" is solid, but sounds like bits and pieces of the other tracks. "Design" is their epic 5 minute plus track with subtle Tool-like moments that we greatly enjoy. This one takes several listens to appreciate. Scott Martin's vocals and guitar-work on this track are impeccable. "Make Believe" guitar melodies remind us a bit of the band Failure. Majestic riffs laced with that math-rock change in direction whirlwind. "Big Faces" rounds things out with its very somber look and drone appeal. Quite the melancholy closing.

Boyfrndz sophomore album is a welcomed addition to our library. This is definitely a mood setter album. It is hard to listen to this one and not let your mind wander and think depressing thoughts. Albums like this become a mainstay in our rotation for their ability to take us away from the every day. While it is not extreme math-rock, the album evokes this blend of beauty, sadness, and anxiety that gels impressively. Don't let the name throw you on this one. Grab it for the album cover and you will be pleasantly surprised. We are looking forward to catching them live again and will be watching their careers.

Standout Tracks: Shape Shifter, Burn Through It, All At Once

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