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Book of Wyrms (Sci fi Fantasy)

Crank this to 8.8 of 11

Released: 2017

Genre: Space Metal, Metal, Stoner Rock

Sounds Like: Lucifer, Windhand

Space metal, another intriguing genre has caught our attention after discovering doom metal artist Book of Wyrms. The five-piece band from Richmond, Virginia has released a very exciting debut in Sci-Fi Fantasy through the up and coming label Twin Earth Records. As you read more about them, which you will, they are not your typical everyday doom sludge band. In fact Book of Wyrms are one of the more absorbing female-fronted metal bands we have heard in quite some time. You will hear many forms of metal gathered together here; from doom and sludge to heavy metal, space rock and stoner, sounds like overkill, but they make it work. So, just sit back and crank this mother way up and embrace the sonic metal of Sci-Fi Fantasy.

What are the highlights of the album?

We seem to be drawn to the song “Nightbong,” and its groove. The beginning of this track has a very infectious rhythm coupled with entrancing vocals and well timed synths. The second half of the song just dives into a mellow, spaced-out psyche vibe with a brooding bass and the ominous vocals of Sarah Moore Lindsey. “Infinite Walrus” (great title) is another highly entertaining cut, picture The Sword being fronted by a female vocalist… good shit.

How is the production value?

The production is solid and will challenge your speakers with its low end bass work.

How is the vocal performance?

The vocals of Sarah Moore Lindsey are ominous and trippy. Her vocal work really enhances and draws us into this album. The last song “Sunwolf” really captures her raw talent.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

Get a pack of Long Trail Space Juice. This 8.70 (ABV) American Double Imperial IPA and its dark fruity taste is the perfect complement to Book of Wyrms. Plus, the spaceship artwork on the cans adds to the experience.

What are our final thoughts on Sci-Fi Fantasy?

Sci-Fi Fantasyshould create some waves within the space metal genre. The album is very well balanced and pulls in a variety of metal influences to deliver a refreshing sonic metal journey.


1 Leatherwing Bat 7:53

2 Infinite Walrus 7:25

3 Cosmic Filth 4:53

4 Nightbong 7:22

5 All Hallow's Eve 8:21

6 Transcendental Migraine 6:10

7 Sourwolf 11:14

Band Members:

Jay Lindsey – bass

Chris DeHaven – drums

Kyle Lewis – guitar

Ben Coudriet – guitar

Sarah Moore Lindsey - vocals, effects

Follow Book of Wyrms: Bandcamp / Facebook


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