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Blind Horse (Patagonia)

Turn this to 6.1 of 11

Released: 2017

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Blues

Sounds Like: Wolfmother, Bullet Boys, Bad Wizard

How does something go from utter brilliance to a spiral downward into the shitter? It is a phenomena we cannot quite figure out with Blind Horse’s sophomore release Patagonia. In a nutshell, the album starts off with perhaps one of our favorite tracks of the year in "Patagonia". A fifteen minute euphoric journey entailing blissful contrast, some of the most unique fretwork and layered synth-work we have heard in a long time. Sainz’s gut-wrenching Wolfmother-like vocals are entrancing throughout the epic track as he helps paint such a unique setting.

Well if only we could stop here to keep the fervor alive. What happens next is an absolute train wreck as the little "Stun Bomb Blues" track leads us into borderline cock-rock and bar room blues territory with shallow lyrics and accompaniment that is absolutely void of anything psychedelic or inventive. Sainz chants “come on rock and roll me” in his Bullet Boys vocal inflection on the third abomination entitled, you guessed it “Rock and Roll Me”. What the fuck just happened? Were we on shuffle and the opening track get pulled into some god-awful 90s cock rock tribute album?

Track Listing:

1. Patagonia - 15:50

2. Stun Bomb Blues - :28

3. Rock and Roll Me - 4:47

4. Noite Estranha - 6:34

5. Soul Locomotive - 10:53

6. Los Heraldos Negros - 1:28

Are there any other standout tracks besides the opener?

"Soul Locomotive" has a few intriguing moments as the band mixes things up a bit with some soulful blues inflection. The band is clearly more effective when they let the music breathe and meander. Sainz tones down his voice a bit, but ultimately the track lacks fluidity and feels quite choppy.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany this album?

With 10.5% ABV Buxton’s Battle Horse has some tremendous bite at the onset, but is a bit difficult to stomach as you get mid-way through. Aroma of chocolate malt. Taste is dark chocolate malt with an edge that encounters medium carbonation on the swallow, followed by light hops and a burst of alcohol in a drawn out finish.

Band Members:

Alejandro Sainz: vocals, acoustic guitar in Patagonia, harmonica in "Soul Locomotive".

Rodrigo Blasquez: guitar and backing vocals.

Eddie Asheton: bass and backing vocals.

Maicon Martins: drums.

Final thoughts for Patagonia?

Any chance we can put in place the “do-over” concept with album releases. Perhaps pull back the album and start again with track two? Man we were fired up with the start of this one. Hopefully the Brazilian crew can gleam something from this review in sticking with the psychedelic meandering formula. Straight shooting cock-rock is not becoming of theme. They are far too talented to look for fist pumping vs. a gaze of haze out in the audience.

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