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Bleeding Mountains (Capsize Projects)

Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Stoner Rock, Progressive Metal

Sounds Like: Appolonia, Floor

Homeland: Stockholm, Sweden

Bleeding Mountains

Track Overview:

1. Subliminal 04:10 Standout Track

A great opener filled with space sludge. The sudden drop at the 2 minute mark is an excellent turn of events. The song has a beautiful heavy flow with a strong Kylesa like ending.

2. Scumbags 03:38

Right off the bat, the vocals remind us of Filters' frontman Richard Patrick. Bringing a bit of that 90s industrial rock feel to the album.

3. Capsize Projects 02:53

A solid instrumental that builds over time and sounds like Chevelle in orbit.

4. Walking Shadow 05:48

At first, this song was good and felt a bit average. The more we listened, the song just worked its way into our brains and has become a favorite. It goes into some sort of beautiful Failure territory, its magical space stoner bliss.


Album Nuggets

  • Bleeding Mountains seem to be evolving on this album, yet they stay well within their formula from previous releases

  • This album is all about spaced-out heavy rhythms, you won't find may solos here

  • Another strong vocal performance by Patrik here, he continues to impress with each release


Brew Pairing

Pick up some Definitive IPA by Definitive Brewing in Maine. This 6.7% brew is a bit tropical and hazy and is perfect for IPA junkies. A great sidekick with Capsized Projects.

Bleeding Mountains are:

Patrik Zetterberg - vocals and guitars

Erik Jervaeus - drums

Adam Mayer - bass

Follow Bleeding Mountains: Bandcamp / Facebook


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