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Bleed (Somebody's Closer)

Crank this to 8.1 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Alternative rock, Grunge

Sounds Like: Failure, Hum, Stick

Homeland: Dallas, Texas


Album Overview

  • Bleed's debut feels like a lost album from the 90's when alternative grunge ruled the airwaves

  • We hear many influences stemming from 90s era Failure to Hum and even lesser known bands like Stick

  • The music is heavy and crunchy with elements of spaced out grunge

  • Vocalist Ryan Hughes captures the heavy alternative sound perfectly. Plus the scattered echoed vocals are brilliant

  • This is a great EP to test the waters as it goes by rather quick, we are highly looking forward to a full length


Track Listing:

1. Burnt (By the Sun) 2:51

2. Silver 3:11

3. Enervation 3:34

4. Somebody's Closer 4:13


Standout Track(s)


This track hits with satisfying trippy grunge along with some anger within the vocals.


Brew Pairing

Smoke and Mirrors by Wayfinder Brewing in Oregon is a nice pairing with Bleed. This 5.5% dark porter is smooth and has flavors of earthy cocoa.

Bleed are:

Ryan Hughes - Guitar/Vocals

Adam Ackerman - Bass

Noah Boyce - Guitar

Carson Wilcox - Drums

Follow Bleed: Bandcamp


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