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Black Sky Giant (Planet Terror)

Turn this to 8.6 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Stoner Rock, Space Rock

Sounds Like: Naxatras, Somali Yacht Club, Seven Planets

Homeland: Rosario, Argentina

Black Sky Giant

Track Overview:

1. Planet Terror (4:04)

A spacey stoner groove titan with sci-fi spoken word samples scattered throughout. A perfect opening track to suck you into the heavy vortex.

2. Asteroid Hermit (6:48)

The title of this song is what peeked our interest, we just had to carry on. A drifting spacey tune that is very charartic and lonesome.

3. Ghost Valley Truckers (5:04)

Very mesmerizing, with infectious and hypnotic guitars and percussion.

4. Ulameth (Endbringer) (6:28)

This track is where the bass shines. It's so fucking heavy and deep, you can actually feel it when cranked up.

5. Perpetual waves to come (05:40)

This drifting spacey blues tune is so comforting and it feels so natural. These guys have tremendous chemistry.

6. Yithian Time Travellers (4:20)

Another drifting space rock tune that keeps the flow, why mess with a good thing.

7. The Phantom Gun (4:24)

This track picks up the pace. Sounds like a sci-fi soundtrack with more spoken word nestled into the background... a great ending to a drifting stoner instrumental journey.


Album Nuggets

  • Planet Terror resides in its own atmosphere. It's a bit unique and stands out among comparable albums in this genre

  • The scattered synths throughout adds a feeling of psychedelic exploration

  • The terrific cover art by Pablo González is fitting for this album.


Brew Pairing

Hazemamma by Great Lakes Brewery in Canada is a nice pairing both Planet Terror. The 7% IPA has aromas and tastes of orange and caramel.

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