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Black Mastiff (Loser Delusions)

Crank this to 9.6 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2019

Genre: Hard Rock

Sounds Like: Mother Love Bone, Queens of the Stoneage, Badlands

Black Mastiff

Every now and then we come up for air and lift our heads from what is the heavy sonic tundra. While we dive into all genres, we cannot lose sight of what brought us here and that is straight shooting hard rock. Black Mastiff hailing from Edmonton, Alberta have released their third full-length titled Loser Delusions, a follow-up from their 2015 solid release Music Machine. The 2015 album hit stoner pathways under the label New Damage Records and guidance/production of the great John Garcia. Having hit some challenges, the trio re-directed their energies and production into more organic roots by starting their own label, Grand Hand Records. The result was one hell of a synergistic new album.

Yiannakoulias’s vocal charisma shines on "Loser Delusions" as his solemn tone consumes the listener. We hear hints of Badland’s Ray Gillen and Josh Homme throughout. All ten tracks weave beautifully to make for an addictive experience, a testament to quality lyrics and rich sonic texture.

Track Listing:

1. Downed By A Sound (4:43)

2. Bike Club (4:29)

3. Machines (4:22)

4. A Tangle (4:29)

5. Other Kinds (3:44)

6. Star Base 77 (4:01)

7. Paddle (3:54)

8. Mind Vibe (4:28)

9. Spastic Rhythms (4:06)

10. Stranger (4:20)

Standout Track:

We have a tie on this difficult question. Both "Machines" and "Stranger" strike an exceptional chord with us for the warm melodies, energy and strong hooks. The swirling fretwork and lazy vocal tone remind us of the band Window Paine who toured the trenches of Long Island, New York for five years in the early 90s then vanished without a trace.

Adult Beverage Pairing:

Alberta’s own 88 Brewing Company kicks out some very solid batches. Their 88 Wave Pool batch blends perfectly with ‘Loser Delusions’. At 6.2% ABV the hazy IPA pours a cloudy bright orange with a small white head. Aroma brings out bright piney hops, bitter citrus, and biscuity malt. Flavor is bitter with a piney hops and orange citrus notes.



Captivation and Variety

9.8 out of 11

Lyrics and Song Structure

9.6 out of 11

Fretwork Prowess

9.1 out of 11

Percussion Prowess

9.1 out of 11


9.2 out of 11

Overall Album Flow

9.6 out of 11


8.9 out of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics

9.3 out of 11

Production Value

9.4 out of 11


Final thoughts:

Black Mastiff impress in a big way on their latest albumLoser Delusions. This one stuck quickly for us after just one rotation. The album is very well arranged and strengthens in texture with each listen. While perhaps on the lighter side of heavy, the weight of energy and thought that has gone into this album will make it a mainstay in your heavy rotation.

Band Members:

Clay Shea

Allan Harding

Bob Yiannakoulias

Follow Black Mastiff: Bandcamp / Facebook


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