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Bipolaroid (Twin Language)

Turn this to 4.3 of 11

Released: 2013

Genre: Garage Rock, Psychedelic Pop

Sounds Like: The Pretty Things, Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd

Bipolaroid are an odd psychedelic rock quartet from New Orleans, LA. Their 2013 album Twin Language is a mixed bag, at times we find it appealing and other times it’s just flat out boring. This album is best described as lo-fi garage rock and 60s pop-psychedelia with unusual, somewhat dragging, slurred vocals. They definitely try to hone in on the trippy sound that Pink Floyd had during the Piper At The Gates of Dawn era, only they hit the mark a quarter of the time. The main problem with the album is its repetitiveness within the sixteen songs, and there is no vocal range what so ever. It’s a shame because the music is good and the vocals are actually a bit unusual, but after the first four songs we started to feel antsy and always ready to hit the skip button. It’s not all disappointing, the music as we mentioned does capture that lo-fi 60s rock sound, which is a plus in our book and there are a few good nuggets to be found throughout the album, you just have to listen a few times to seek them out. Track Listing: 1. Get Off My Fence 2. Tonight We Paint the Town Our Favorite Colour 3. Where’s the Spring 4. Love You Not 5. Let It Bling 6.  Mark Twang 7. Efflorescent Adolescent 8. Paperless Sun 9. The Brass Tacks 10. Hollow Fox Archery 11. Self-Portrait 12. Ave, Quixote 13. Merry Xmas 14. Dumbstruck Epiphany 15. O, Hallelujah 16. Wolfmother The first song “Get off my Fence” is a good sounding track that will pull you in. Bens vocals can be best compared to a intoxicated Elvis Costello or a mellow Joey Ramone. The second song “Tonight We Paint The Town Our Favorite Colour” isn’t bad either, it has a mid-temp rhythm that is pleasing. Track three sounds like Pink Floyds “Arnold Layne,” we yearn for Pink Floyd after hearing this one, thank goodness it’s only 1:37 long. Tracks four and five “Love You Not” and Let it Bling” are short song with interesting use of vocals, but that’s it. The song “Mark Twang” is upbeat and brought things back to life for a bit for only 29 seconds… letdown. Tracks 7-9 aren’t bad songs, they just sound the same, and there isn’t much range within the vocals. “Hollow Fox Archery” sounds very much like an odd combination of Wolfmother and Floyd. Track 12 “Ave Quixote” has some great 70s rhythm, but the vocals feel like they are trailing behind, it just takes us out of the mood. The last few songs don’t get any better, they are pretty much just like the rest of the album. Bipolaroid are a talented band and have a good authentic sound. This could have made for a great EP and a few instrumentals would fit in nicely throughout the album. The bottom line is, we probably will soon forget about this one, but we’ll keep tabs on the band, perhaps they can hit us with some more diversity on future albums. Standout Tracks: Get Off My Fence, The Brass Tacks, Self-Portrait

Band Members: Ben - vocals/guitar, DC - bass/vocals, Roddy - keyboards, Nick – drums

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