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Before and After Science (Relics and Cycles)

Crank this to 9.8 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2017

Genre: Post-Rock

Sounds Like: Russian Circles, Caspian, My Sleeping Karma

Post-rock is such an exploratory style of music that often takes the listener to another world. It allows the right (creative) side of the brain to take over and unleash ones inner imaginative thoughts. Relics and Cycles, the first full length from Before and After Science is the latest Post-rock album that has tapped into our subconscious. The band from Portugal have tremendous chemistry, it’s amazing what these guys have accomplished in a short time span. Their music is so broad as they weave through valleys of majestic Post-rock and a buoyant heaviness, it’s a thing of beauty. What are the highlights of Relics and Cycles? These seven tracks are pure Post-rock bliss. The fourth track, “Nostalgia” really sucked us in with its deep oceanic bass, unwavering heaviness and lofty spacious rhythm. This track could easily fit on ISIS’ 2004 album Panopticon, which is an amazing album in our book. The band raises the bar even higher with “Labirinto”. Your mind will succumb to its heavenly aura, this track is so fucking elegant and fluent. We love the two short intermission tracks as they are placed perfectly within the album and help weave the songs together. The last cut “Ponsettia” has it all; it’s heavy, dramatic and very uplifting at times, a great way to bring the album to a close. How is the production? All seven tracks were composed and performed by Before and After Science. The album was recorded in Porto, Portugal in 2015 at Estùdios Sà da Bandeira. We must give props to Clàudio Tavares who produced and mixed this fine album and to Miguel Marques for the Mastering at SDB Mastering. Does the album art reflect the music? The album cover is definitely on the dark side, with the drawing of the deer corpse. With the artwork crafted by Andi Rensen Aguion, it does leave a sense of intrigue. What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album? Rosado Vinho Verde: Rosé. The Rosado wines offer red berry flavors with quenching acidity. The reds/rosés of Vinho Verde are found primarily in the southern part of Minho in the sub-regions of Amarante and Paiva. Red grape varieties include Alvarelhão, Amaral, Borraçal, Espadeiro, Padeiro. Final thoughts on Relics and Cycles. From time to time instrumental Post-rock bands can become tiresome or drawn out and even sound very similar to one another. Not here folks, the four gents from Portugal really dug deep to bring fourth one hell of an entertaining album here, and have a vision for the style of Post-rock they want bring to the world. Tracklist: 1. Downburst  6:25 2. Howling  5:32 3. Foëhn  1:20 4. Nostalgia 5:56 5. Labirinto  7:48 6. Naïve 1:09 7. Poinsettia  7:58 Members: Ricardo Baptista – Guitar Bruno Barreira - Live Guitar Nuno Lobão – Bass Pedro Campos - Drums André Lobão – Guest Guitar Follow Before and After Science: Bandcamp / Facebook


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