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Backwoods Payback (Momantha)

Turn this to 4.5 of 11

Released: 2011

Genre: Heavy Rock

Sounds Like: Orange Goblin, Soundgarden

Backwoods Payback

Pennsylvania’s Backwoods Payback bring forth a stoner rock album that’s full of heavy rhythms, jams and aggressive percussion that seem to go nowhere. It just doesn’t grab us for some reason. It’s neither really bad nor good; it kind of just floats around and gets lost in the shuffle.

Opening track "You Know How It Works" starts off with some promise until the singing, the vocals are reminiscent of a whiny Chris Cornell meets Ben Ward from Orange Goblin, but not in a good way. "Flight Pony" is just boring, even though it has some groove, it lacks emotion and the vocals are tiring already. "Knock Wood" continues this pace and is lacking in originality and is again just flat. It just goes further downhill with "Parting Words", the vocals here are just too overwhelming. "Poncho" has some nice rhythms and could be a good song, if it were an instrumental. "Velcro" and "Timegrinder" are the highlights on the album, they are both trippy and the vocals are set in the background, you can burn these two songs and move on.

So you get the picture, overall,Momanthais just a bland combination of many stoner rock bands. If they can harness the attitude and style of "Velcro" and "Timegrinder", the album would have a chance.

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