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Atlantic Thrills (Vices)

Crank this to 8.5 of 11

Released: 2015

Genre: Garage Rock

Sounds Like: Black Lips, The King Kahn & BBQ Show, The Oh Sees

Atlantic Thrills from Providence, Rhode Island has released a stimulating 37 minute sophomore album filled with a blend of lo-fi garage and surf rock.Vicespicks up where the debut album left off, however there seems to be a more layered sound here without giving up their signature gritty style. What makes this album so inviting and full of life are the continuous infectious hooks and backing vocals scattered throughout.Viceshas a abroad appeal that will bring in fans of all types of rock.

The four-piece kick things off with the energetic “Live For The Weekend,” an uplifting tune to set you in the right frame of mind. They keep you hooked with the catchy, late night drunken bar themed “Hold It Down”. This track features terrific backing vocals along with a great chorus line that will suck you in. They follow this up with another addicting track “Bible in a Bowl” with its mid-tempo groove and gospel-themed lyrics. It’s virtually impossible not to enjoy this one; the laid back, steady rhythm is just too easy to get into, great back-to-back songs.

The lively “On Your Own” has a Black Lips quality about it; it’s garage rock pop at its best. Track six and nine “Don’t Go” and “Bloodshot Eyes “give off a 60s surf rock vibe, think Weezer meets Black Lips, not a bad combination. “Treat My Baby” offers some rhythmic clapping and with the background vocals there is some sort of 50s rock nestled into this one… great tune. The psychedelic vibe on “Vices” gives the album some new flavors, this is definitely one of the standout tracks. The second to last track, “So Long” is a fast paced song with terrific drumming which leads us to the final cut “Trouble In Mind.” This one is a trippy psychedelic affair. It’s smoky, drug-laced aura and the low-toned vocals in the background is the perfect touch and is a nice change of pace to close out the album. Every music library needs an array of gritty-garage styled rock. PutViceinto your rotation and download it to spruce up your collection.

Standout Tracks: Hold It Down, Bible In A Bowl, Vices

Band Members:

Eric Aguiar, Dan Tanner, Josh Towers

Follow Atlantic Thrills: Bandcamp / Facebook


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