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Arcanist (Poseidonis)

Crank this to 8.2 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Instrumental Synth-Black metal, Avant-Garde

Sounds Like: Mortiis, Vangelis

Homeland: France


Album Overview

  • Dark edgy synth painting expansive landscapes for your mind to wander.

  • Debut album by French dungeon synth band Arcanist. Heavily influenced by the American Weird Fiction movement of the early 20th Century

  • Medieval backdrop interwoven throughout. Fringe experimental and thought-provoking stuff

  • Cathartic and good for the blood pressure


Track Insights:

1. The Last Incantation (8:38

Calming opener, slow build enters some wild melodies. Let it unfold.

2. A Vintage From Atlantis (5:11) Standout Track

The water soundscapes at the end of this track will absolutely entrance you. So soothing. Brilliant track.

3. The Death of Malygris (part 1) (7:42)

Wild interplay between both parts. Disturbing moments that paint some wild abstracts in your mind.

4. The Death of Malygris (part 2) (10:09)

The darker of the two parts for sure.

5. The Double Shadow (9:41)

Love the spacial undercurrent. Splashes of sunlight through the shadows and fog.


Adult Beverage Pairing

Green Tea Highball, 2 ounces Japanese whisky, 2 ounces brewed green tea, cooled, Club soda, chilled, to top. Garnish: maple leaf candy. In the Green Tea Highball, it’s combined with Japan’s most consumed beverage: green tea. The most common type of green tea in the country is sencha, produced by picking only the youngest tea leaves, which are then steamed, rolled and dried. In this highball, the tea adds a bit of body, tannin structure and sweetness to complement the whisky.

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