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Arbouretum (Coming Out of the Fog)

Crank this to 7 of 11

Released: 2013

Genre: Rock

Sounds Like: Bad Company, Blackfoot, Foghat

If you are fans of classic Bad Company and are looking for a similar inspirational feel but want more fuzzed out grooved guitar work, give Arbouretum a shot. This four-piece band hailing from Baltimore provide a classic folk rock feel blended with lyrics covering topics such as isolation and pain. Lead singer Dave Heumann uses similar Paul Rodgers - like inflections to conjure that renegade feel.

This is the band's fifth release and does not stray to far off course of their other works. Most of the tracks are slower pensive ballads and the eight tracks meld well together providing for shorter tight full-length album. The only real dud on the album is the title track "Coming Out of the Fog" which is really too slow and features an annoying slide guitar. "Oceans Don't Sing" features more slide and pedal steel, but builds from soft vocals to a strong climax, very steady classic souther feel. The song features some solid waterfront serenity references. We hear some strong Skynard influences here. "World Split Open" is probably the heaviest cut on the album featuring some grungy guitar work and less traditional melodies. Great percussion work on this tune.

Heady lyrics coupled with some soothing guitar riffs throughout make this an enjoyable one for us. Difficult these days to find a straightforward simple band that breeds quality and strength. Grab this one if you want to add a more modern tilt to your classic rock collection. -7/3/2014

Standout Tracks:The Long Night, All At Once The Turning Weather

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