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Amniac (Infinite)

Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2014

Genre: Post Metal

Sounds Like: The Ocean, Cult of Luna, Kylesa

The album cover alone should be enough to entice you to Amniac’s debut album Infinite. It has a Cult of Luna meets The Ocean style of artwork that is very detailed and captivating. The music compliments the art as well, making for an overall exhilarating and engaging experience. Amniac, from Piraeus, Greece is a four-piece band consisting of band mates Upsetter (guitar and vocals), Antony (guitar), Tsaros (drums) and Dimitri (bass). These four musicians dish out some rich, heavy and melodic style of Atmospheric metal or Post-metal, which ever term you prefer.

Track Listing:

1. And the Others Just Survive 6:33

2. Ignorants 1:18

3. Rise Like the Suns 8:09

4. Discerning 1:20

5. The Infinite 6:47

6. A System Waiting to Fall 7:22

7. Our Kind, the Plague 8:57

Infinite provides a good mix of song lengths, we are neither bored with unnecessary repetition and filler crap or songs being too short where you want just a little more – it’s well balanced. The opening track lures you in with a single, soft guitar note, than it all just hits all at once - a full barrage of melodic heaviness. The vocals are guttural and aggressive, think old Ocean meets singer of Cult of Luna, Johannes Persson. This song travels through various peaks and valleys. Knowing when to bring things down and pull away from the heaviness from time to time are a big plus, they don’t hit you with full-on metal. Track two, “Ignorants” is a well-timed progressive instrumental, the guitar is very technical while the percussion floats at a steady pace below. If you’re on the fence with this album, then track 3 “Rise Like the Suns” will pull you over to our side. It’s an immense song that takes you in so many directions; they actually dive into ISIS territory for a moment or two. The song has minimal vocals as the music just takes control and captivates you, whether you’re cranking this on vinyl or going the headphones route, it’s a great experience.

Another interlude appears with track 4 with “Discerning,” it allows us to collect ourselves and gear up for the remaining three songs. “The Infinite” is next and man this one starts off beautifully. The vocals here are more toned down, gritty and gut-wrenching, injecting a sludgy feel to the song. The music just continues to flow effortlessly, building up to an eruptive sudden end. “A System Waiting to Fall” starts off with a classic alternative metal rhythm for the first minute. We were nervous at first, because it felt a bit out of character, but the song takes a sudden turn towards a more Post-metal approach. The guitar breakdown at 2:03 in is an enjoyable change of pace and the rhythm is tight here as well. The last half of the song just delves into dark Cult of Luna soundscapes… very well done. The last track “Our Kind, the Plague” is a nine minute apocalyptic juggernaut. This has it all; it’s sludgy, melodic, progressive and even crosses into doom territory, a very fitting song to close out the album.

We feel Amniac has what it takes to make some noise in the Post-metal world. Their style of music is very open ended and will appeal to a broad range of metal fans. We applaud them for not being 100% in-your-face heavy and to have the patience to let the music subside from time to time. Pick this one up, you’ll thank us later.

Standout Tracks: Rise Like the Suns, Our Kind, the Plague

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