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A Storm of Light (As the Valley of Death Becomes Us...)

Crank this to 7.5 of 11

Year Released: 2011

Genre: Atmospheric metal

Sounds Like: Neurosis, Minsk, ISIS

Founded by Josh Graham of Neurosis, Red Sparowes and Battle of Mice fame comes A Storm of Light. On their third release, they pound out some terrific laid back, apocalyptic, post-doom metal. These long, drawn-out songs require the listeners’ attention, as the elements of rock, metal and doom combine for a sonic experience.

The vocals are powerful, yet give off a laid-back vibe as the singer tends too pull back often. "Wasteland" is amazing as female guitarist, Andrea Black adds her background harmonies to the song and it takes them to another level. The drumming is the meat of the album; it’s astounding and when combined with the vocals; it’s like an unstoppable avalanche of doom. "Leave No Wounds" is a nice example of this. They tend to throw in some ambient synth sounds here and there in the background, which is an excellent touch. There is also some special guests lending their talents on this album; such as Kim Thayil of Soundgarden, playing guitars on "Missing" and "Black Wolves".

ASOL definitely pull off a well-produced, powerful, yet gentle album here. In a world with bands like ISIS, Cult of Luna and Minsk, they don’t just blend in, they are paving new roads within this style of music.

Standout Tracks: Leave No Wounds, Wasteland


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