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Aereogramme (Seclusion)

Crank this to 7.5 of 11

Released: 2004

Genre: Alternative Rock

Sounds Like: Chevelle, Death Cab For Cutie, A Perfect Circle


Aereogramme hailed from Scotland and prior to their split in 2007, released four very intriguing studio albums. The band was made up of four very talented musicians; Craig B. (Vocals), Iain Cook (Guitar & Programming), Campbell McNeil (Bass) and Martin Scott (Drums). They soon went on to work in more commercially successful bands such as The Twilight Sad, Biffy Clyro, The Temper Trap along with the recently very hot Chvrches.

In our opinion there are two distinguishing marks for Aereogramme that set them a bit apart from the pack. The first being  Craig B's unique vocals best described as cowering, feeble, meek or fragile. Second was the band's tremendous ability to take you from such soft and solemn moment to such an intense and heavy high.

Seclusionthe band's third studio release containing just six songs:

"Inkwell" – 3:55

"Dreams and Bridges" – 4:40

"The Unravelling" – 10:58

"I Don't Need Your Love" – 4:03

"Lightning Strikes the Postman" (The Flaming Lips cover) – 3:29

"Alternate Score" – 4:53

It is a diverse but short album. We must preface that the first track "Inkwell" will not blow you away. In fact, it could be one of the band's worst songs during their six year stretch. The track always had us scratching our heads at why they released such a blah song and also include it as the intro track. Unfortunately the song also impacts our overall rating of the album... add a notch had they pulled in any other song from their other three albums. The second track, "Dreams and Bridges" rights the path and will give you a good sense of their ability to contrast soft with hard.

"The Unraveling" is our favorite track and epic in proportions. The ten minute plus song starts off and ends with sounds of a film reel which really pulls you in and provides completeness. The song contains some brilliant programming and a myriad of different levels of intensity and beauty. This track should be in everyone's permanent rotation.

"I Don't Need Your Love" is a very cool ballad with some of the most caustic and subtle lyrics about a poisoned relationship. Very engrossing and poignant. "Lightning Strikes the Postman" is one of those cover's that we actually prefer over the original. Not to take anything away from the great Flaming Lips, but Craig B's vocals fit so well and Iain Cook takes the guitar solos to a whole new level. The last track "Alternate Score" is really just that. An instrumental dark score with some eerie piano work. A classy touch and nice ending.

We are all about exposing the obscure in hopes of strengthening the public's music library. Aereogramme have done just that over the years for us. We own all four albums and greatly appreciate the emotion and variety they bring to the table. Seclusion  well worth picking up. Just download tracks 2 through 6 and save yourself a buck or so.

Standout Tracks:The Unraveling, I Don't Need Your Love

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