Aequorea (DIM)

Crank this to 9.7 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2022

Genre: Post-metal, Black metal

Sounds Like: ISIS, Drude, Agalloch, Dead Bird

Homeland: California


Album Overview

  • DIM is an ambitious Post-metal album with inspiring moments of Post-rock and Black metal

  • With an abundance of contrast, DIM weaves in and out through soft angelic instrumental moments to heavy as fuck Post-metal

  • We love the fact they show patience and bring things down. It's not the kind of metal that is constantly at full throttle and forced down your throat

  • This album becomes all consuming by the second track "Demon Man". It's sonically driven Post-rock beginning is very inspiring

  • The vocals are in typical Black metal form and fit within the music perfectly

  • The production is clean and spot on, these guys are a tight nit group with a ton of creativity. They are expanding the Post-metal sound and it's damn refreshing

  • DIM is a difficult album to just preview, it needs your attention as there is just so much to explore. And once you settle in, you'll be thankful



1. Mirrors 10:01

2. Demon is Man 8:07

3. Mara of the Hollow Shadow 8:35

4. Talus 7:19


Standout Track(s):

Demon is Man

Triumphant Post-metal at it's finest. This track is so fucking mesmerizing. As much as we love the heavier songs, this one will engulf your senses. The first few minutes build beautifully with Post-rock bliss, then slowly turns toward a more Black metal feel, it's a transition that flows brilliantly.


Brew Pairing

Dead and Dead by Rouge Ales is a great pairing with DIM. The 9.5% ale is aged in Dead Guy Whiskey Barrels which enhance the robust malt and hop profiles. The ale soaks in hints of oak and whiskey while maturing over several months.

Aequorea are:

JB - Guitar/vocals

FS - Bass/vocals

CP - Drums/vocals

PG - Guitar

Follow Aequorea: Bandcamp / Facebook


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