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Acausal Intrusion (Nulitas)

Turn this to 2 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Black metal, Advent garde

Sounds Like: Gorguts, Immolation

Homeland: USA

Acausal Intrusion

Album Overview

  • This album is only for die hard technical death metal lovers

  • The production feels weak. We are all for that homegrown, unpolished sound, but this tends to be unbearable after 15 minutes in

  • Percussion can be the backbone to a great Death metal. Yet, it just irritates to no end on this album

  • The vocal work of Cave Ritual is dark and grinding with various demonic echoes

  • We must give a shout out to the great album cover. The painting is by Daniele Valeriani



1. Corpus 02:16

2. Transcending The Veil 08:23

3. Nexious Shapeshifters 07:41

4. Qabbalistic Conjoining Existence 08:31

5. Animus 02:09

6. Invocations Apprehension 05:09

7. Nomen 01:25

8. Tetrahedron Quartz 06:54

9. Manifesting Rites 06:52

10. Nebulous Ceremonial Temple 09:00


Standout Tracks

Transcending The Veil This tune is the most expansive of the lot. There is so much going on as it travels through roads of death metal, atmospheric metal and apocalyptic doom.


Brew Pairing

You might need something strong to tolerate the death metal at hand. Go with Void Below by Arvon Brewing in Michigan. This mighty 11% Stout tases of dark chocolate with aromas of coffee. A bold brew that will pair will this album.

Acausal Intrusion are:

Cave Ritual - drums, vocals, and rhythmic eroding disruptions

Nythroth - guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals, chants, and sinister spells of chaos

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