(To The Gates of the North)
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Folk metal
Sounds Like:
Finntroll, Enisferum, Amon Amarth
Wolfhorde hailing from Finland are definitely a band flying under the radar in the Folk metal world. These guys throw down some infectious tunes consisting of vast amounts of metal styles that will put your mind in a whirlwind. While To the Gates of the North is definitely a folk metal album at heart, there are times when the music has a feel for the classic power and death metal style and a tad bit of thrash thrown in for good measure. If you’re on a voyage to seek out something new in the world of metal, give Wolfhorde a serious listen.

What are the highlights of the album?

The sixth track “Unyielding” caught our immediate attention with its contagious rhythmic metal fury. “Lycomania” has a pronounced thrash metal attitude with swift musicianship; it’s a very addicting song. “Death Long Due” and “The Retribution” are great back-to-back songs that are nestled right in the meat of the album. These two well-crafted tracks captured our attention with their blend of traditional folk and power metal arrangements.

How is the production value?
The production is very good, we love all the styles of metal to be found throughout this album. The production, mixing and mastering by Juha-Matti Koppelomäki is very impressive, feels as if he captured the aura that is Wolfhorde.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
We are dying to try some Finlandia Strong Sahti by Finlandia Sahti Ky brewing. This 10% ABV sounds tremendous with a bitter sweetness and strong aroma, sounds like the perfect complement to Wolfhorde.

What are our final thoughts on To the Gates of the North?
Wolfhorde has impressed us with their various blends of metal, yet they hold on to the traditional values of the Folk metal genre. Pick this one up if you need variety in your heavy rotation. - 4/2/2017

1. Vegvísir 03:20
2. Fimbulvetr 06:32
3. Taivaankappaleiden Kato 04:00
4. Death Long-Due 04:52
5. The Retribution 03:32
6. Unyielding 04:18
7. Boundless Agony 04:56
8. Lycomania 03:52
9. The Gates of North 09:06

Band Members:

Werihukka - Guitar and other instruments
Hukkapätkä - Vocals and Drums
Nuoskajalka - Bass

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