Coven's Will
Crank this to 10.5 of 11
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Sounds Like:
Dio, The Sword, Wounded Giant
Friday, June 08, 2018
There is something to be said for heartfelt, genuine, straight-shooting fucking heavy metal. Lead singer Marcus DePasquale is a diamond in the rough absolutely shining on WitchSkull’s sophomore release Coven’s Will. The Canberra, Australia natives deliver in a big way on their second and arguably finest to date.

Eight tracks of adrenaline filled metal fueled by one of the most impressive vocal performances of the year. How DePasquale sustains the energy and guttural technique is beyond us, but boy is it inspiring and frankly jaw-dropping throughout. His howl and tonality are exceptionally innovative and only grow on you over time. The subtle mix of vocal distortion and echo fit beautifully amongst the intelligent hooks and fretwork precision. This album brings us back to when we stumbled upon Badland’s Voodoo Highway in 1991 where the raw authenticity grabbed ahold of our distorted world. This album is like crack.

Track Listing:
1. Raven (2:56)
2. Son of the Snake (5:05)
3. Priestess (4:35)
4. Breathing Blue Light (4:26)
5. Demon Cage (3:44)
6. Spyres (3:48)
7. Lord of the Void (4:55)
8. The Empty Well (6:17)

Standout track:
"Priestess" ... metal meets stoner doom on this distorted creeping diets of a masterpiece. If you do not get chills from the first gut-wrenching line, we question your worth as a fan of music. McMahon’s Sleep-like bass undertones fit brilliantly with this very dark anthemic work.

Weight of the Heavy

Vocal Command

Fretwork Prowess
9.9 out of 11

Captivation and Variety
10.2 out of 11

Overall Album Flow
10.2 out of 11

9.7 out of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics
9.1 out of 11

Production Value
8.7 out of 11

Adult Beverage Pairing
We are matching this one up with one of our favorite and most deceptive beers- Sixpoint’s ‘Resin’. 9.1% ABV that will creep up on you like a mother-fucker. Smooth as anything containing similar WitchSkull anthemic fortitude. RESIN slaps you with serious unfiltered dankness. It’s hop candy up front, but drinks super clean for the size of the beer. Key Ingredients Chinook and Centennial Hops are a little old school, with tons of resin and pine notes. RESIN uses a ton of different hops, for a massively complex hop bouquet.

Lasting Impression
You know this is impressive stuff when we immediately put in the pre-order for vinyl. Too good to immediately digital download. Spotify will keep us happy until we get that beautiful vinyl delivery in the mail. Like a giddy little kid seeing that package at the doorstep. WitchSkull has arrived…Mom! WitchSkull has arrived! We run upstairs close the door and throw it on for escape from everyday ho-hum. DePasquale is fucking genius and all metal fans need ‘Coven’s Will’ in their collection. Period. Nuff said.

Band Members
Marcus DePasquale - Vocals and Fretwork
Tony McMahon - Bass
Joel Green - Drums

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