Tweak Bird
(Undercover Crops)
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Stoner rock, Alternative
Sounds Like:
Queens of the Stoneage, Ween
If you’ve never heard Tweak Bird, they’re an interesting duo compromised of the Bird brothers. Their blend of pop, metal, stoner rock can be addicting or annoying and the high pitch vocal styles can be challenging to get into. It’s been a couple years since the last Tweak Bird album and now here it is, a seven track EP, clocking in at 16 minutes and three seconds. Now hold on, sixteen minutes may not sound like much, the album is filled with energy and packs quite a punch!

They continue their style as their previous album, with addicting heavy riffs and the upbeat tempos Tweak Bird is known for. "Everyone is Paranoid", the first track will test your patience, it’s a repetitive spoken word auto-tuned sound effect that triggers you to fast forward or skip. The album really starts from track two, "People", a great alternative catchy song followed by the stoner rock driven "Phychorain". "Weight" just keeps the train moving with more of the same style of music, there is actually some nice jamming squeezed into this song. "Pigeons" has more of a subdued mellow vibe; it’s a nice change of pace; then it’s right back into the madness with "Bunch O’ Brains"and the fun "Know It All".

We have mixed feelings about this album; some feel its a work of art while others deem it a lame attempt. Nonetheless, it's a trip worthy of several listens to see if it tweaks your interest.

Standout Tracks: Pigeons, People
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