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Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Russian Circles, Karma To Burn
There is some interesting music coming out of Greece these days, (check out our review for One Leg Mary), and we stumbled upon a band from this region named Tuber. They are an instrumental three-piece stoner rock band that plays a terrific blend of stoner/fuzz rock with a touch of inspirational psychedelic groove.

In 2011, they released their first self-titled single, "Smoked Up Notes". This track is superb, with a steady bass line and a mid-tempo rhythm; you would think they had emerged from out of the desert somewhere in rural California. A year later, they released their debut album on their Bandcamp page. This album starts off with "Sex and Depression", an 11-minute trip of heavy, stoner rock laden music with hints of Kyuss or Colour Haze nestled in. The best part of this song is that between all the highs and lows, the rhythm never seems to change much, keeping the song on a level stride. "Lap Dance" continues this pace; it could be one of the smoothest songs ever as the music just gels together perfectly. The song could be 20 minutes and it would still be too short. Next track, "The Fall Of The Wall" is more of a spaced-out jam in the beginning than tends to break out into heavy Karma To Burn-like riffs. "Attack From Mars" is they heaviest track on this album, it's so entertaining as it just flys by, it feels like the song is only 3 minutes long, in fact its 6:30 minutes.

Tuber succeeds in captivating the listener with their heavy and soothing style of rock and even though it’s only 35 long, it consumes you. It is such a wonderful feeling when discovering bands like this. This one gets high marks for its perfect balance of psychedelia and fuzz grooves. We thrive off finding these hidden gems. If you haven’t downloaded it yet then we recommend you do. - 1/19/2014

Standout Tracks:
Attack From Mars, Smoked Up Notes
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