Titans Of Industry
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Sounds Like:
The Sword, Michael Schenker Group, Dokken
Titans of Industry are a brand spanking new metal band straight out of Boston, MA. While their blend of heavy metal is not very original, they seemed to have captured our interest. With that being said, the foursome are a talented bunch, their love for metal is very evident here as their influences range from modern day stoner rock to classic eighties metal of Michael Shenker Group. This debut EP is full of melodic metal rhythms accompanied by the clean powerful vocals of Andrew Silvero.

1. Eye of Anubis (5:29)
- Very heavy on The Sword stoner rhythms. With its classic bounce, it may add a bit of headbanging into your day.

2. One Seater (3:52)
- Diving into a late eighties to nineties melodic metal feel, this song is actually quite enjoyable as it conjures up wonderful classic metal memories. Good acoustics can also be found here.

3. The Titan (6:03) – The dramatic metal in the beginning incorporates elements of Dokken than slowly morphs into a Baroness style of rock, quite a transition from the beginning. Soon both influences join forces towards the end of the song, it makes for an interesting listen.

4. Tooth and Nail (3:31) - More Sword-like galloping heavy rhythm to start, than it spirals into some sort of trippy stoner psychedelics for a moment to end the song, (could be the most original moment on the EP).

Band Members:
Andrew Silverio - Vocals, Guitars
Mike Becker - Guitars
Zay Dohse - Bass
Andrew Pentz – Drums

Titans of Industry will not wow you, however they do bring an entertaining side to metal. Seasoned fans of this genre may find this nostalgic for a moment or two, either way, we suggest you give ‘em a try. - 7/29.2015

Standout Tracks: The Titan, Tooth and Nail
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