Thems That Wait
Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Hard rock
Sounds Like:
Clutch, Crowbar, Five Horse Johnson
Wednesday, August 14, 2019
The debut EP release by Portland Maine’s Thems That Wait features some infectious gritty grooves and is well worth your time. The power trio drips with aggressive militant yet quirky lyrics much akin to old school Clutch albums. Lead singer Craig Garland shines with a charismatic idiosyncratic vibe. We appreciate the layout of this EP. The alternating under two minute fuzz-track lead-ins to the four minute plus fuzz-track flip-flopping makes for an entertaining EP listen.

Track Listing:
1. Hitchhiker (1:59)
2. Chief (4:28)
3. Probe16 (1:13)
4. NOVA (4:22)
5. Kingdom (1:28)
6. Hawkmoth (4:39)

Standout Track:
All three 4 minute-plus tracks shine on Fiction. "Chief" sucked us in with its intriguing oddball lyrics and "Spacegrass" feel. "Hawkmoth" however is one hell of a fucking closer. The grinding circular riffs engulf the listener as Garland lays down some more complex fretwork than the other tracks. The track has the most depth of the lot and really ends on a high note.

Adult Beverage Pairing:
One of our favorite places to visit north of Massachusetts it he beautiful Portland Maine area. Where Duckfat and the Mongoose fly. No question that Allagash Brewing Company is the place to visit. You need to try their aggressive Barrel & Bean 10% mother fucking ABV triple Belgian style ale. The perfect companion for ‘Fiction’ and its brooding vibe. Aged in bourbon barrels for just shy of two months, before blending it with cold-brewed coffee from Speckled Ax, a Maine coffee roaster. The sun-dried Ethiopian beans in the coffee are known for their stone fruit and dark berry flavors. The finished beer features rich notes of caramel, bourbon, and coffee.

Captivation and Variety
7.9 out of 11

Vocal Performance
8.8 out of 11

Weight of the Heavy
8.4 out of 11

Fretwork Prowess
8.4 out of 11

Percussion Prowess
8.2 out of 11

Overall Album Flow
8.7 out of 11

7.9 out of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics
8.0 out of 11

Production Value
8.2 out of 11

Final Thoughts:
The flow of Fiction will entertain you. The trio does a very nice job providing the listener brooding chops and fretwork balance in their debut. Whether the alternating song lengths was planned or not we are not sure, but this is an entertaining debut. We look forward to what is in store for this Northeastern trio. We will certainly be on the lookout for their live performances and provide you some periodic updates.

Band Members:
Craig Garland - Guitar/Vocals
Mat Patterson - Bass
Branden Clements - Drums

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