The Soundcarriers
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Acid Folk, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Cloud Control, The Mamas and the Papas, Sleepy Sun
The Soundcarriers, who originate from the UK, bring us their brand of psychedelic, folk music that is sure to entrance you. As acid folk may not be a genre, it does help define the style of music put forth by The Soundcarriers. On Celeste, their second album, they bring a vibe of classic 60’s rock, with flute interludes, jazzy compositions and psychedelic jams, all the while maintaining their own blend of spaced-out folk music. Picture the Mamas and the Papas jamming with The Doors and Jefferson Airplane at a festival in the early 60’s San Francisco music scene.

The airy style of opening track, "Last Broadcast", shows their individuality with their use of the organ playing, as it’s injected flawlessly into the music; and the dual male/female vocals are calming and spacious. From here you’ll know what you’re in for, it’s a good reflection of the album. The next track, "Step Outside" is a fantastic cut; from the flutes to the echoed vocals, along with the soft cymbals and steady bass, everything just gels perfectly... well done. "Morning Haze" will have you in a psychedelic haze with its jamming on the second half of the song and the piano nestled into the background is a real nice touch. Track 4, "Broken Sleep" has a jazzy quality to it, yet adding another element to Celeste. Moving on to the contagious grooves and soundscapes of "Long Highway" and "Rolling On" are engaging and will have you coming back for more. The sultry "Out of Place" and the spacious "Hideaway" are very engaging, showing the softer side of The Soundcarriers.

The last tack is a 14:14 minute acid trip jam, with moments of experimentation and odd sound arrangements, after a little gap we come back to what sounds like a lite instrumental version of "Step Outside", than ever so softly fading away.

Celeste is a captivating album with interesting sounds that feed off each other very well. The musicianship is tight and has a refreshing sound for today’s music, as their light, airy blend of psych-rock sound will carry through your veins. - 2/16/2014

Standout Tracks: Step Outside, Long Highway
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