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Psychedelic pop
Sounds Like:
The Verve, Tame Impala, Wellwater Conspiracy
Straight off the coattails of their debut EP, 60s psychedelic pop duo has released their debut Self-Titled full length album. Released through Hairy Records, Lovebyrd has fashioned a spacious, open ended psychedelic pop sound that is easy on the ears. The duo from Sarrebrücken, Germany consists of singer Steffi Krauth and instrumentalist Mark Wernet. This album is extremely enjoyable as all ten tracks flow at a comfortable pace and intertwine well with one another.

1. Spinning Around – 4:42
2. We’re Shining Through – 3:58
3. Floating Up – 5:32
4. Shot from the Sun – 4:29
5. Nothing Is Real – 4:58
6. Magnetic Levitation– 2:59
7. Floating Down – 5:10
8. Black Sweet Sunny – 2:45
9. Prolouge – 1:23
10. Leave Me Blind – 4:16

The opening track sets the mood perfectly, it’s a tranquil song with eloquent vocals from Steffi Krauth. Her singing is very hypnotic with an erotic rustic appeal that flows effortlessly throughout the album. The music provided by Mark is extremely impressive for one individual. The acoustics are spot on and the percussion gives the song its fluency. The soft aquatic synths in the background is a very unique touch, it’s the small nuances and attention to detail that give the album its charm. “We’re Shining Through” continues this soft psychedelic feel as Steffi’s alluring vocals are a bit raspier here, a terrific one-two punch to open an album. Songs like “Floating Up” and “Magnetic Levitation” show a more trippier, psychedelic side to Lovebyrd's song writing technique, these two have a free spirited, uplifting vibe. The guitar on the fourth song “Shot from the Sun” portrays an authentic 60s psychedelic rock tone. The chorus on this track is so damn catchy, it will stick with you. You’ll find yourself gravitating to this one often.

“Nothing Is Real” is a very fluent song and could be one of the standout tracks. It has a Verve-like quality about it, to be clear we are referring to the first Verve album, which is a favorite around here. Another favorite of ours is “Floating Down,” we love the pleasant rhythm and uplifting feel the song gives off. Things pick up slightly on “Black Sweet Sunny” the pace is a bit faster on this track and the echoed percussion is a nice touch. The last song is beautiful and embodies all that we like about Lovebyrd. The song is very angelic and thoughtful, it gives off good vibes which will put you is a positive frame of mind.

Lovebyrd has taken their influences of psychedelic rock and pop and put their own stamp on the genre. The result is a beautifully written album that is also well produced. We highly recommend this. - 1/27/2015

Standout Tracks: 
Shot from the Sun, Nothing Is Real, Floating Down
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