Leather Girls
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Garage rock
Sounds Like:
Black Lips, Ty Segall, The Oh Sees
Let’s cut right to the chase, Leather Girls from Austin, Texas have emerged with possibly one of the best garage rock albums we have heard so far this year. No, this is not an all-female rock band as the name may suggest, its four very talented musicians who live and breathe garage rock. The foursome throw down some gritty, lo-fi and infectious tunes here and we have no doubt it will take command of your rotation. For a debut album, Leather Girls have a good vision of where they want to take there music, fans of the Black Lips or Ty Segall will easily be drawn to this album.

Band Members:
Erik Camacho,
Mike Garrido,
Deborah White
Dillon Fernandez

What are the highlights of the album?
Tough call, let’s just say every tune has a great hook to lure you in. The bass line and backing vocals in “Arabian Daze” are just terrific. The third track “She” is very contagious with solid vocals and distortion (sounds like a lo-fi White Stripes). With songs like “Jeff,” “Dear Deborah” and “Foolish Lover” the garage rock train keeps moving along at a swift pace. We really have no favorite cuts, “LSR,” “Sweet Lenore” and “When We Fight” come close, but as we stated earlier, the whole album just fucking rocks.

How is the production?
Hats off to the production crew, it’s solid and really captures the authenticity of garage rock.

How is the vocal performance?
The vocals are in a constant state of the muffle effect, they’re never clean nor very dirty, fitting perfectly with the garage sound.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

Grab some Numero Uno Agave Cerveza from Flying Dog. This flavorful beer is brewed with agave nectar and lime, it just feels right with this album.

Final thoughts for Leather Girls.
We felt the garage rock genre has been getting a bit stale as of late. Thank goodness we found this band, as they have reinvigorated our love for garage rock.  Leather Girls sound as if they put on a terrific show and this album is meant to be played in a live atmosphere. We look forward to catching Leather Girls on tour if they migrate to the East Coast. - 8/4/2017

Track Listing:
1. Drawing Lines 03:19
2. Arabian Daze 02:28
3. She 03:18
4. Jeff 03:25
5. Dear Deborah 02:58
6. Call Tomorrow 03:36
7. Foolish Lover 01:52
8. LRS 03:03
9. Poor Charlie 02:31
10. I Never Loved Her 02:19
11. Sweet Lenore 02:53
12. When We Fight 03:19
13. Card Catalog 03:33

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