King Buffalo
Longing to be the Mountain
Crank this to 10.3 of 11
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Stoner rock, Psychedelic
Sounds Like:
All Them Witches, Kings of Frog Island
Sunday, October 21, 2018
King Buffalo are an animal all to themselves. They breathe a different kind of heavy as they separate from the pack with their patient and pensive dark atmosphere. Their heavy holds significant weight in our eyes as we frequent majestic New England hikes and absorb all of what King Buffalo have to offer. Their library of work encompasses the perfect isolation and deep thought hiking companion.

The Rochester NY natives further their infrastructure with Longing to be the Mountain a tremendous follow-up to their 2016 masterpiece Orion. While we did not think possible, their latest brings things to yet another level. Their unique methodical formula only fortifies their relevance, like the aging of a fine bourbon in a beautiful oak barrel for decades.

The trio is led by guitarist/vocalist Sean McVay whose modesty and stage presence resonates strong during their live performances. Bassist Dan Reynolds delivers steady brilliance and drummer Scott Donaldson continues to provide jaw-dropping variety and freshness to the bands work. 

Track Listing:
1. Morning Song (9:50)
2. Sun Shivers (3:30)
3. Cosmonaut (3:58)
4. Quickening (4:20)
5. Longing to be the Mountain (10:22)
6. Eye of the Storm (9:53)

Standout Track:
A nearly impossible task, yet we must play part to this segment so will have to go with the closer "Eye of the Storm". Checkout the shift that occurs at about the 4:50 mark, the lead into the stellar fretwork and revert have us absolutely mesmerized.

Adult Beverage Pairing:
Triple Barrel Big Baptist by Epic Brewing. Packing 11.2 ABV, the brewers at Salt Lake City’s Epic take barrel-aging to new levels with this One of a kind beer. They start by aging coconut and Colombian coffee in oak, which they later combine with batches of imperial stout that have been aged in both rum and whiskey barrels. While the result could be a discordant mess, this majestic recipe yields woody, spicy beauty.

Captivation and Variety

Weight of the Heavy
10.1 out of 11

Hallucinogenic levels
9.9 out of 11

Fretwork Prowess
10.3 out of 11

Percussion Prowess
10.1 out of 11

Overall Album Flow
10.4 out of 11

10.2 out of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics 
9.5 out of 11

Production Value
10.1 out of 11

Final Thoughts:
It may sound over the top to some of you fuckers, but the reality is King Buffalo dare to be different and have made a meaningful impact on our lives. From their live NYC performances to the multitude of rotations amongst nature, King Buffalo have brought a sense of calm and air to our lives. Longing to be the Mountain will be a mainstay in our rotation particularly for its ability to force us to think outside and to get outdoors.

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