I Love You
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Friday, October 11, 2013
One of the best camping albums of all time. I Love You’s 1991 self-titled album is like nothing you have ever heard.  To compare their sound to other bands is virtually impossible and to pick a best track, also like pulling teeth.
While released on a big label at Geffen Records, I Love You never gained any momentum.  They released a second full length a few years later along with a live album. The commercial failure can be attributed to the fact that it is too difficult to grasp in a few listens and filled with bizarre lyrics and toe-tapping innovative back woodsy creations. Each of our staff reviewers, eventually hit a breaking point with this album and the infectious blends make hard to keep out of your regular heavy rotation.

Most impressive aspect to the album is the flow of fantasy lyrics and mood throughout.  Your mind begins to wander into another world with the perfect combination of electric and acoustic guitar work. Track four’s "2" paints pictures of an onslaught of angelic flying creatures after some type of  fire or setting of destruction. Track seven’s “Jesus” begins with dark and ominous lyrics with peaks of jovial applause and happy stomp throughout.  "and when he points his finger at you he is gonna show you what your soul can do" "we are one with the sun".  Song themes consist of but are not limited to mention of mosquitoes, flies, weed, willow trees, lambs, moonlit oceans, insomnia,  and swinging hippies.

Lets start a movement to bring these dudes back. If anyone has had contact with band members or other side projects, please email the staff writers at Rotation11.com... "open up, open you."

Standout Tracks: 2, Flies
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