Eyes On The Shore
A Golden Blue
Crank this to 8.7 of 11
Sounds Like:
Incubus, Young the Giant, Band of Horses
Friday, January 30, 2015
Their music can best be described as 'majestic' and 'spacious'. The San Francisco based foursome deliver their first full length album after 2013's charming 5 song self-titled EP. The band formed in 2012 and consists of Cory Tauber on rythym guitar and lead vocals, Kayhan Golkar on bass, Antrom Kury on lead guitar, and Kyle Albery on drums and vocals. Crisp production and a charismatic lead vocals add to the feel that Eyes on the Shore bring. It's not often we will review multiple albums of the same band at Rotation11, but after hearing the potential from the EP we would not miss this one.

A Golden Blue has an Incubus Morning View quality to it. By 'majestic' and 'spacious' the listener escapes to the coastal comforts of sound. The guitar-work is so clean and the echo effect of Cory's vocals blend so well that you actually find your self drifting into the comforts of their sound.

Track Listing:

1. One in the Same- 4:24
2. Roads to Nowhere- 4:01
3. Three Alarm Fire- 4:21
4. Won't Be Long- 4:33
5. Tired Eyes- 3:43
6. Horizon- 4:19
7. Kids on the Run- 5:05
8. Let it Out- 6:10
9. Le Shaw 5:59
10. Down the Middle- 5:01
11. Flutter- 4:22
12. Drifting Away- 3:44

The first track, "One in the Same," provides an inspiring anti-racist message, highlighted by a really sharp guitar melody. Almost hypnotic with the ebbs and flows... "I hear the sound of a cry of a woman... Have we not buried the shackles". "Road to Nowhere" twists into some Eric Gales meets Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar-work and picks up-tempo with some more grooves and blues rock. "Three Alarm Fire" slips off track a bit. While kicking up the heavier grooves, lyrically it gets a little goofy...."your body is the war zone and I am in the grenade"... we cringed a bit after hearing this as the prominent lyric throughout.

Things get back on track with "Won't Be Long" a catchy and warm tune. The song reminds us of something Hall and Oates might have put out back in their heyday. We love the introduction of subtle trumpet background music. "Tired Eyes" really shows off the band unique ability pull together some very intelligent song structures infusing  change-ups and some really unique melodies. In the middle, the falsetto takes hold and the band's pop influence really soars. "Horizon" is a beautiful mellow track almost reminds us of a very mellow track from Death Cab for Cutie. This song has a terrific melancholy ending with soft violin taking us into the next track "Kids on the Run" which delivers some continuity with the vibrant entrance of violin to kick things off. The melody provides an island feel really adding to the diversity of the album.

The last three tracks on the album really impressed us. Very solid ending. "Down the Middle" pushes the heavier boundaries accompanied by a southern tinge and some great lyrics painting an intriguing story and landscape.  "Flutter" enters shoegaze territory with its swirling guitar-work and euphoric vocals. This track really encapsulates the 'majestic' and 'spacious' that A Golden Blue paints. Perhaps the best track on the album. Drifting Away closes the album beautifully with a soft acoustic entrance that morphs into a psychedelic backdrop. We hear influences of King Crimson's "Cadence and Cascade".

Eyes on the Shore deliver in a big way with A Golden Blue. We found their spacious sound to be almost cathartic. This album is best fit for those that can unwind and take in the full album in one listen. The band has commercial appeal and it would not surprise us if we saw these guys catch fire in the near term. Give this one a serious listen and put it in your heavy rotation. - 1/30/2015

Standout Tracks: Won't Be Long, Down the Middle, Drifting Away
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