Electric Citizen
Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Heavy rock
Sounds Like:
Lucifer, The Runaways, Coven
Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Welcome to Helltown, a place where 70s inspired metal clashes with punk and stoner rock. That’s right, the new Electric Citizen album is here and is a blistering 32 minutes of raw and infectious heaviness. Electric Citizen has always had this unfiltered live studio sound that makes you feel they are playing in the room next to you. It’s an unusual production style, it sounds very homegrown and independent, yet not cheap. Singer Laura Dolan has a distinct sound, with a slight punk attitude and raw 70s metal vocal style, she definitely enhances the bands aura.

For those who are Electric Citizen fans, this is another killer chapter in their catalogue and for newbies, you’ll love their raw metal approach. If we had to pick a few standout tracks to lure you in, go with “Hide it in the Night,” “Cold Blooded Blue,” “Ripper” and “New Earth.” The addition of the keys in “New Earth” is perfect, it’s a touch of psychedelic among the heaviness.

1. Heart Attack 03:36
2. Hide It In The Night 02:58 
3, Cold Blooded Blue 03:48 
4. Father Time 04:25 
5. Ripper 03:13 
6. The Pawn 03:17 
7. New Earth 03:39 
8. Lunch 03:15
9. Mother's Little Reject 04:09

Vocal Performance
8.3 of 11

Risk of Subwoofer Damage
8.4 of 11

Weight of the Heavy
8.7 of 11

Rhythmic Pace
8.6 of 11
Lyrics and Song Structure
8.5 of 11

Fretwork Prowess
8.8 of 11

Overall Album Flow
8.8 of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics
9 of 11

Production Value
8.9 of 11

Standout Track(s)
“Hide it in the Night,” “Cold Blooded Blue,” “Ripper” and “New Earth”

Alcohol Pairing
Let’s go with a brew that’s local to Electric Citizen, Head Trip by Ohio’s Fat Head Brewery. This 9.5% Belgium Styles Triple Ale has a golden color with spicy  and fruity notes. The right amount of hop bitterness and strength to pair with Helltown.

Lasting Impression 
Electric Citizen have a pure and honest sound that is hard to replicate. Be sure to pick up Helltown as it’s one of this years most solid metal releases. We are fired up to witness the fervor that Electric Citizen possess as they open for Monster Magnet in NYC… it’s going to be an electrifying night. 

Electric Citizen is: 
Ross Dolan (guitar)
Laura Dolan (vox)
Nick Vogelpohl (bass)
Nate Wagner (drums)

Label: Riding Easy Records

Follow Electric Citizen: Bandcamp / Facebook
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