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Post metal, Sludge
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ISIS, Elder, Drude
Monday, February 12, 2018
Doppalgangar is peaceful heavy that will challenge your subwoofers to embrace some of the deepest bass chords we have heard in a long time. The Swedish trio go out of their way to really hone in on those simple melancholy low points. And when we talk about bringing it down this brings it down to a whole new level. So many great moments of isolation between the bass guitar and percussion. Bone-chilling sad melodies that crescendo to illicit powerful contrast. We do see a pattern throughout the album of a signature old school Tool move, whereby at some juncture throughout each song there’s a point where only the bass ring through ... ala "Sober" or "Crawl Away". Melencholia does a terrific job balancing heavy sludge with large doses of post rock beauty.

Vocal Performance – 9.8 of 11
Yes we can easily swap out Isis lead singer (Aaron Turner) for Timmy/Tobias and not skip a beat. While we like exploring the unique this is not a bad thing.

Weight of the Heavy – 10 of 11
Peaceful heavy says it all. The inners of your speakers will be challenged.

Flow and Song Structure – 10 of 11
Exceptionally patient and well thought out.

Fretwork Prowess – 9.8 of 11
Tobias and Timmy blow us away here with Tobias just leading the charge throughout with otherworldly bass-work prowess

Contrast – 10 of 11
Find us a better album that bleeds this much contrast.

Album Cover Aesthetics – 9.8 of 11
Cheers to the cover art by Ronja Olsson. This cover conjures up images of solace and pain. Tremendous.

Production Value – 9.9 of 11
Recorded and mastered by Henrik Borg. Solid clarity and texture.

Standout Track(s)
The melodies on "In This World, Not of It" really hit home and at moments we find ourselves doing the hard swallow biting our lip. Poignant as fuck.

Alcohol Pairing
Omnipollo Noa a wonderful porter stout from Sweden. 11% ABV but with exceptional blend and contrast. Flavours of Pecan Mud pie of a beer. Nutty and chocolaty with a sweet roasted base and rich thick body. A creative beer to excite.

Lasting Impression

Melencholia will engulf your senses as the band’s patience and vision take you to a very dark yet melodic place. This is a must for fans of Isis and our #2 album of 2017 Drude. - 2/13/2018

1. Inexorable Pain (10:34)
2. In This World, Not of It (11:16)
3. Aokigahara (Sea of Trees) (13:30)
4. Dreams in Dysthymia (11:24)


Timmy - guitar, vocals
Tobias - vocals, bass
Viktor - drums

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