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Progressive metal, Post metal
Sounds Like:
The Ocean, Intronaut, Converge
Call it post metal, progressive death, extreme math rock, bands within these genres tend to sound very similar, so it’s great to hear one step out of the formula and make some noise. We travel across the hectic Long Island Expressway of Long Island, NY to welcome Cryptodira. It’s refreshing and just great to hear a band of this magnitude come from L.I., especially since a couple of our editors have ties to this area. Their first release, The Four Quarters, was an impressive debut, welding elements of death metal, grind-core with post rock. The vocals are screeching and unrelenting, reminiscent to old Intronaut or Converge.

On the second album, Recursions, they take a step forward, sounding a bit more mature. First off, let’s mention the drumming; it’s so tight and powerful, possibly the driving force for the band. The vocals are more refined and impressive, similar to the likes of The Ocean, expanding a wide range. We kick things off with the 1:58 minute, "The Birth Of A King," it’s a short grinding song that will wet your appetite. Taking us right into "Either Fly or Fall Faster," this 11:25 minute juggernaut has so many elements of the above mentioned genres and we start to hear some jazz-like compositions on this song as well, which is somewhat of a welcome approach. This shows the level of musicianship here, as they really know how to blend these styles together in a flawless manner. It almost sounds as if like you’ve just listened to three songs in a row with no break. The end of the song is just so dominant with the upfront spoken word along with just bass and drums.

The chaotic beginnings of "Allies to Ignorance" will eventually give way to an Intronaut-like post rock vibe at the 2:58 mark, it’s actually quite uplifting. Than we start to delve into progressive metal territory, it’s a beautiful thing how it all comes together. "The Affirmation" is another outstanding cut, as it continues the onslaught Cryptodira is known for. Even though the album only has five songs, we feel satisfied; to be honest we’re not sure how much more they could have put into the album, given the lengths of the songs.

Cryptodira have something special going on here, it would be nice to see a band flourish from this part of the east coast. Also, check out their newest EP, An Unmarked Grave, released in January 2014, as it is currently in our rotation. It may only have two songs, but it shows some more growth. We would love to see them grace the cover of music paper, The Island Ear, is that still around? - 3/2/2014

Standout Tracks: Either Fly or Fall Faster
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