Young Creatures
(Fear All The Things)
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Sounds Like:
Incubus, Eyes on the Shore, The Killers
The debut full  length album from L.A. based Young Creatures features a blend of spacious rock, pop, with hints of psychedelia. Fear All The Things is riddled with dark undertones, intelligent lyrics and a very radio friendly pop vibe. What intrigues us most about the band is their ability to paint beautiful landscapes while infusing some very unique and unconventional rhythms and shifting tempos.

Lead singer and guitarist Mike Post has an appeal that we find much akin to Brandon Boyd of Incubus. His vocals are crisp and airy, lending themselves very well to suiting lofty and "otherworldly" spacious themes. The guitar-work led by both Post and Gleason invites a trippy feel that will at times remind you of some classic shoe-gaze influences (particularly on the  last track "Gone Like a Dream").

1 - Give Me A Reason 5:11
2 - Fear All The Things 4:38
3 - Lionheart 4:21
4 - Foreigner 3:45
5 - In Spite Of You 4:00
6 - Once In Your Life 3:43
7 - Someday 3:10
8 - If I Could Only Wait 4:42
9 - Can't Tell A Lie 3:34
10 - Revolution 3:15
11 - Gone Like A Dream 7:25

One of the best tracks is the first track "Give Me a Reason". The intro guitar-work here is so inviting and reminds us of a classic Tragically Hip album. Love the lyric "tonight we ride into the unknown". The title track "Fear All The Things" is just as good accentuated by the piercing and vibrant guitar-work and a haunting theme. We hear some quirkiness in Post's vocals that bring out some classic Death Cab for Cutie. The third track "Lionheart" keeps things on track and should be well received by fans of Incubus as they appear to pay homage using similar song structures and spaciousness.

The next track "Foreigner" gets a little too poppy for our tastes. We hit two back to back flat songs with this one and "In Spite of You," nothing to write home about with these two tracks. Things pick back up with "Once in Your Life" introducing subtle but impressive harmonies. We enjoy the theme and depth to the songs. Track 8 "If I Could Only Wait" is a beautiful song about the passing of time and life. Some of the best guitar-work is on this song, impressive build-up and tempo changes.  "I thought about it everyday while I waited for the light to change".

Young Creatures have a very promising career ahead of them in our opinion. For their first full length they show wisdom and maturity beyond their years. Longevity is often sustained by bands with an intangible chemistry. Young Creatures have this chemistry along with the ability to paint some beautiful landscapes. - 10/13/2014

Michael Escalante - Drums
Spencer King - Bass
Andrew Gleason - Guitars, Vocals
Mike Post - Vocals, Guitars

Standout Tracks: Give Me a Reason, If I Could Only Wait, Fear All The Things
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