(The Leaf Maker)
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Ambient Acoustic Folk
Sounds Like:
Bon Iver, Arrowwood, Origamibiro
The Leaf Maker is a work of musical art where the album cover really paints what the listener is about to experience. Enter the expanse and woodsy atmosphere of Wickerbird. A spacious journey that will allow you to disconnect from all things today and wander into the serene world of creator Blake Cowan. Where the beauty of the song titles alone are pleasing to the soul.

Track Listing:
1. Prologue, or the Maker of Leaves
2. Bugbear
3. Riverborn
4. The Coppice / A Haunting
5. Sail Cloth
6. Vulpes vulpes
7. Danielle is the Pines
8. Llewellyn
9. Woodshed
10. Sepulchre
11. The Candle Jar
12. The Leaf Maker

Unique rustic production blended with ambiance backdrop sounds such as subtle wind, birds chirping, and shorelines crashing make for a cathartic experience. While the lyrics at times are difficult to decipher they become intriguing after every listen. We found ourselves straining to make out the context. During a nice mid-day hike the clarity of the lyrics often shines through brighter.

What is particularly special about this album is the cohesiveness of the multi-tracked vocals and Wickerbird's beautiful acoustic guitar and mandolin work. While the album  is best served in one continuous listen , if you must sample, we highly encourage you to give a gander at one of our favorite tracks, "Woodshed.” Gut-wrenchingly sad melodies really hit home as the track  pulls from the beautiful theme introduced during the opener “Prologue, or the Maker of Leaves.” The five minute closer and title track, The Leaf Maker, features majestic pick harmonics and chord changes. A perfect ending to an album that will aid those with hypertension.

The Leaf Maker
will be a mainstay in our heavy rotation. It's an album that will help mold memories that may accompany your night time relaxing forays or perhaps that magical peaceful moment in the sun where you wish others were around to experience what you feel. - 9/29/2015

Standout Tracks: Woodshed, The Leaf Maker
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