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Folk Rock
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Jayhawks, Wilco, The Wallflowers
Weinland, a five piece band hailing from Portland Oregon, have a very authentic vibe which ages quite well over multiple listens. Lead singer Adam Shearer has a very rich, warm and infectious vocal style that will intrigue you as you progress through your first listen of Los Processaur. The album is very well produced and the songs are woven together quite nicely much akin to the Jayhawks brilliant album Rainy Day Music. The accompaniment is near perfect where piano and organ work resonate throughout to provide a terrific connectivity and flow.

The opening track "Bones Cracking In" is a brilliant start to the album offering a little taste of each of the flavors held within... great harmonies, balanced guitar work and superb piano-work. The second track "Los Processaur" is shear perfection with its brevity and clean tight harmonies. The naive and young at heart theme and mid range tempo is absolutely refreshing on this track... "I know what it means to be young", so well timed and eloquent. This is the hook track that is nearly impossible to stop midstream and really supplies the momentum for the listener to journey onward. The fifth track, "Yessie Yames" engulfs you with its subtle harmonies perfectly timed and not overdone. Tremendous balance and class with the control held by each musician. The last two tracks "The Champ" and "The Eagle" really cap things off. "The Champ" with its swaying and non-hoakey sing-along vibe fits very well with the slide guitar and organ background. "The Eagle" takes us away with an upbeat exuberance and toe tapping banjo resonance that leaves you quite content.

Kudos to our editors for coming across this one, as Los Processaur will be a mainstay in our rotation. This is the type of album that never tires and is frankly perfect during any situation in your life.  We look forward to gathering the other  two albums from Weinland and experiencing them live. - 4/19/2014

Standout Tracks: Bones Cracking In, Los Processaur
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