We Stood Like Kings
(USSR 1926)
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Post rock
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Caspian, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai
The Post-rock genre never ceases to amaze us and just as we gear up to review new 2016 releases; we started listening to USSR 1926 by We Stood Like Kings. Our first impression was a feeling of awe and inspiration, to hear a post-rock album with this magnitude is amazing. Reminding us of why we do this… to bring forward unusual bands who fly under the radar.

We Stood Like Kings are a four piece cinematic instrumental post-rock band from Brussels, Belgium who compose music for silent movies. Their first release titled Berlin 1927 showed the band had established a unique sound where the piano takes center stage, this style of post-rock was refreshing, it’s not often we come across a band who centralizes their music around the piano.

In 2015 the band released USSR 1926 through German label Kapitän Platte. This album is a musical interpretation of the 1926 silent movie A Sixth Part of the World directed by Russian documentary director Dziga Vertov. This movie portrayed the cultural and economic diversity of the Soviet people in remote areas of the USSR through a use of mixed media of newsreel and found footage.

It is virtually impossible to put into words how deep the music really is, it cannot be previewed in a few listening sessions. It’s like a fine wine, just take your time with it and let the music consume you. We’ve been listing to this album for some time now and we still hear new arrangements and subtle nuances. As we noted earlier the music is based around the use of the piano and Judith Hoorens is as brilliant as ever. Her style as a pianist evokes many emotions ranging from dark and melancholy to majestic and triumphant feelings. The bass provides a strong foundation for the music, it is rich sounding and deep. The guitars are absolutely stunning, they balance smoothly between post-rock and shoegaze arrangements. The drums bring a powerful aspect to the album, they are strong and command your attention without overpowering the music. Together, these instruments are played to perfection; it’s a beautiful and welcome onslaught on the ears.

We Stood Like Kings have taken post-rock to another level we didn’t know existed. USSR 1926 requires your patience and attention to detail. The sound that emerges when cranked at high decibels is absolutely amazing; it’s very deep as you can feel the dramatic layering and the precision of each instrument. We highly recommend you add this one to your rotation. - 2/1/2016

Judith Hoorens : piano, synths
Steven Van Isterdael : electric guitar
Colin Delloye : electric bass
Mathieu Waterkeyn : drums

1. Capital 07:42
2. Downfall 04:00
3. Siberian Taiga 06:25
4. Are you a master too? 06:54
5. Kremlin 06:40
6. Immense wealth 06:25
7. Caravans 05:55
8. Samoyedes 10:07
9. The black sea 06:05
10. Icebreaker Lenin 05:45
11. Volchovstroy 09:19

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The whole album.
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