Wall Of Orange
(Self Titled)
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Atmospheric rock
Sounds Like:
The Verve, Band of Horses, Eyes On The Shore
Wall of Orange's sound truly fills the room. Their aura exudes spacious floating concepts coupled with some very thought provoking lyrics. Their self-titled debut consists of eight inspiring tracks that infuse a ton of positive energy. The album is the brainchild of Dallas Texas native, Gary Parks, who has an infectious full voice. A voice that reminds us very much of Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon. While not as nasally Parks does possess a very heartwarming vibe that we found quite daydream inducing. The album contains the perfect blend of acoustics that become the backbone to house elements of atmospheric with hints of shoegaze.

Track Listing:

1. Sweetest Blue (4:54)
2. Small Hour Crimes (4:17)
3. View from a Broken Couch (4:16)
4. Monster (4:17)
5. Lost by the Sea (3:58)
6. Little Destroyer (4:21)
7. New Medicine (6:25)
8. Hellogoodbye (5:12)

If we could only download two tracks which would they be?
That is a tough one indeed. All tracks are so goddam consistent in sticking with the spacious vibe. "View From a Broken Couch" definitely feels like a lost track of an REO Speedwagon album. The lyrics echo “play another record that you love” and just has this heartfelt nostalgic feel to it. "New Medicine" is another one of our favorites. The track gets a bit more psychedelic than others and you can feel the spacious Verve influence. Darker tones to this one, but meandering blissful fun indeed.

If you enjoy Wall Of Orange, what other album would we recommend you grab?

Take a gander at Eyes On the Shore and their album A Golden Blue. A bit more of a coastal vibe, but just as spacious and calming. Both have very charismatic lead singers and should accompany one another in your music library.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany this album?
We recommend the refreshing Scotch Cobbler, soothing and just the right blend of strength and comfort.

2 ounces scotch whiskey
1/4 ounce orange curacao or Cointreau
2 dashes simple syrup

What are our final final thoughts?
Your music collection needs this album. Wall of Orange possess a freshness often lacking in today’s rock music. Parks has quite the vision and its one that will take you on quite the calming journey. While the music feels boundless, Wall of Orange stay within their comfort zone and deliver a very cohesive album with eight very well thought out tracks. Well deserving of an Editor’s Pick and some space in your music library. - 12/5/2016

Band members:
Gary Parks- Vocals, guitar, synth
Danny Rix- Bass guitar
Matt Hunt- Percussion

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