Vermin Lord
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Black Metal
Sounds Like:
Diamanda Galas, Take
Welcome to the dark atmospheric world of Vermin Lord. What is essentially a solo project led by Teo Acosta out of Seattle, Washington, is certainly a unique experience. Unique in that Vermin Lord sounds like a muppet in constant asphyxiation. Or should we say a critter of some sort in harrowing pain. One of the more bizarre vocal performances we have heard in a long time. Anguish is the band’s second EP release and filled with uncomfortable moments of darkness.

Track Listing:

1. Antediluvian Familiar (5:31)
2. Her Divine Embrace (4:53)
3. Poisoned By Anguish (3:51)
4. Guild Of the Ancient Founders (3:35)
5. The Gate Has Reopened, Kneel My Children (6:03)

What is our favorite track?
The closer contains the most experimental element of the five tracks. We enjoy the intro and some of the tangents that Teo takes us on.

What other albums do we recommend if you enjoy Anguish?
Check-out Diamanda Galas’ Schrei X. Released in 1996, this is one fucked up album with some of the most bizarre vocal effects we have ever heard. Perfect for the late late Halloween selection.

What adult beverage do we recommend you consume while listening to Anguish?
Grab yourself a Mind Eraser:
1-1/4 ounce Coffee Liqueur
3/4 ounce Vodka
Splash Club Soda Build over ice
Serve with a straw.
The Mind Eraser gets placed within the shot realm, because it is supposed to be consumed with one fail swoop of a gulp through the straw.

What are our final thoughts for Anguish?
Vermin Lord is down right disturbing and a bit difficult to stomach in heavy rotation. Give this one a gander if you are into uncomfortable black metal. Our recommendations would be for Vermin Lord to keep things at a darker and slower pace and perhaps a take a few deep breaths.

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