Underground Railroad to Candyland
(The People Are Home)
Crank this to 7.9 of 11
Punk, Rock
Sounds Like:
Mission of Burma, Monikers, The Exploited
The Underground Railroad to Candyland's third LP in eight years The People Are Home is a very interesting ride back to the classic punk era accompanied by very original modern twists. Their style combines the classic hardworking appeal of The Clash's London Calling along with a brutally original and anthemic sound.  Lead singer Todd Congelliere's (Toys That Kill, Stoned At Heart) is an excellent songwriter and has a very authentic and heartfelt voice. Although at this point a veteran his voice exudes fervor and youthfulness charm. There is a warmth to his style that is difficult to explain becomes quite pleasant after several listens.

1. Dead Leg
2. The Grownups Will Have Their Say
3. Yer Not The Only One
4. In Case You Dunno
5. Let's Go! Take It Slow!
6. Baby Makes WW3
7. Diamond Ring
8. Worried
9. This Is A Blind Date!
10. And Now...
11. Omstro
12. You Don't Like The Summer
13. Th Ppl R Hm

The album's make-up is quite interesting as the first five tracks have a very punk authentic feel. On track six "Baby Makes WW3," the vibe takes a very interesting western turn. Call it a Looney Tunes western jovial turn. A more modern appeal ensues thereafter as "Diamond Ring" has some nice change-ups and turns quite anthemic. This is one of the more infectious tunes on the album. The next track "Worried" has some interesting vocal changes and is quite poignant with its message. The off-key instrumental "Omstro" does derail the album for a short stint. What sounds like a very low-budget horn section with some god awful clarinets causes us some issues.  

What we do gleam throughout this album is a subtle appreciation for heavy Irish militant rock. It squeaks its way in at various points throughout the album which we find very original. Their appreciation for this style of music is quite apparent and it meshes well with their authentic punk sound.  

We hope this is the start of a resurgence of style in the modern punk genre. We much prefer this over the Blink 182 and Alkaline Trio that unfortunately has dominated the scene over the past decade. Punk fans that are familiar with Congelliere's former work will certainly gravitate towards this album, but hopefully it will revive classic punk fans and give them some new hope for the future. Pick this one up and put it in heavy rotation. - 6/3/2015

Band Members:
Todd C. - Vocals/guitar
Jimmy Felix - Percussion
 Chachi - Keyboards and stuff
John Predny - Trombone
Jack Doyle - Bass
Trevor Roundhouse - Additional Percussion
Sean Cole - Slide Guitar

Standout Tracks: Baby Makes WW3, Worried, Diamond Ring
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