The Cold Stares
(Head Bent)
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Sounds Like:
Rival Sons, Lo-Pan
It seems two-man bands are starting to become the norm for rock bands lately, and if the formula works why the hell not. The duo’s latest record Head Bent, released through Small Stone Records is straight-shooting heavy rock with touches of blues and classic rock. Consisting of Chris Tapp (vocals, stringed instruments and keys) along with Brian Mullins (drums and percussion), these two have great chemistry. The musicianship is tight as these two complement each other’s style flawlessly. So, if you miss the blues rock style The Black Keys used to have than turn your attention to The Cold Stares.

What are the highlights of the album?

We’ve had this album is our rotation for a couple months now and we can’t seem to find any particular tracks that stand out above the rest. The whole record flows with energetic mid-tempo blues rock. With tracks like "Head Bent," "Neighbor Blues," "God and Country" and "One Way Outta Here," these guys throw down some infectious hooks that will lure you in.

How is the vocal performance?
Lead singer Chris Tapp’s vocals often remind us of the late Ray Gillen from Badlands, one of our favorite rock bands from the early 90s.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

We suggest a brew that is local to the Nashville, some Five Points by Black Abbey Brewing Company. This mild sweet beer has a hint of orange and pine aroma and is the perfect companion to The Cold Stares.

Final thoughts on Head Bent.
The Cold Stares throw down some honest rock and roll that will appeal to a very wide audience. The album takes us away from the abundance of heavy stoner rock which Small Stone is known for, so hats off to them for signing these guys. - 8/22/2017

1. John 03:21
2. Head Bent 02:34
3. Neighbor Blues 04:37
4. God and Country 03:06
5. Stuck in a Rut 03:11
6. Price to Pay 02:50
7. Caught in the Weather 03:30
8. Ball and Twine 02:59
9. Kings 03:10
10. One Way Outta Here 03:46
11. Break My Fall 04:25

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