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Sludge, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Church of Misery, Soilent Green
TarLung from Vienna, Austria took form in 2013 and has brought forth a heavy, rhythmic and sludgy album on their 2014 Self-Titled release. We must emphasize the word rhythmic, because there is a constant stoner-driven groove to the music. Consisting of three band members: Rotten (guitars), Marian Waibl (drums) and Philipp “Five” Seiler (guitars, vocals), they have created seven dark, captivating tracks that will leave you in a doped state of mind.

Track Listing:
1. Earth's Hunger 3:54
2. Mountain King 3:55
3. Last Breath 4:23
4. C2 4:36
5. Apeplanet 5:14
6. Black Forest 5:18
7. Space Caravan 5:55

The name of the band suits them perfectly, lead singer Philipp “Five” Seiler has this grinding, tar-like sludge style that comes straight from the gut. He’s not screaming, or belching, it’s more toned-down and actually has rhythm and it stays like this throughout the entire album. With tracks like “Earth’s Hunger” and “Mountain King,” they really set the bar high, the music is very stoner rock-driven and laced with a gritty, doomesque rhythm section, kind of like a filthy version of The Sword. “Last Breath,” “C2” and “Apeplanet” will continue to lure you into their dark world, which borders on old Electric Wizard, presumably the Chrono.Naut days. These songs reek of doom and sludge, especially “Apeplanet,” this one just drags you through the mud.

The last two songs “Black Forest” and “Space Caravan” are heavy hitters, they continue the drudgery that is TarLung. By this point of the album, we found his vocals to be somewhat infectious, they are a bit different than the usual sludge, doom singing we have heard over the years, it’s probably the way he keeps an even pace, there are no annoying growls or unwanted grunts.

TarLung are a pleasant surprise and we once again found ourselves drawn to many bands from this region. They lured us in with the way they infuse stoner rock elements into the songs, it’s simply a thing of beauty within the doom/sludge world. So, if you’re seeking out something new and fresh within this genre, these guys will fill that void. - 2/6/2014

Standout Tracks: Earth's Hunger, Last Breath, Apeplanet
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