Swedenborg Raum
(In Between)
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Progressive metal
Sounds Like:
Dawnbringer, My Sleeping Karma, Black Rainbows
Swedenborg Raum, a three-piece progressive metal band based out of Germany has taken us by surprise. On our search for some new progressive metal, we stumbled across these guys and what at trip it was. The band puts forth some majestic metal that dabbles in various other rock genres. Their second release shows massive growth from their first self-titled album. First off, the introduction of vocals is a positive step and the music has taken a leap forward in craftsmanship and structure. What we love about the album is their ability to take the listener through various roads of splendid and psychedelic metal to some jazzy rock thrown in, yes jazz.

What are the highlights of In Between?
The track “From Life” showcases the bands’ wide variety of influences. This instrumental is so fucking fluent, the structure of the song balances in-between jazz-like arrangements and swift progressive metal. The ten plus minute track “The Unknown” has a positive metal vibe with excellent guitar work. It dives in and out of metal and stoner rock with clean and sufficient vocals. The second cut “Heaven and Hell” sounds bit like My Sleeping Karma and Dawnbringer jamming, does it get any better.

How is the production value?
The production is clean and powerful, well suited for this style of metal.

How is the vocal performance?
They seem to be purposely subdued, we feel the vocalist could unleash at any moment, but never does. They’re actually a big draw to the album; we would love to hear a tad bit more.

Give us two words that describe this album?
Enthusiastic Metal

Does the album art reflect the music?
Intriguing artwork that will draw in fans who flock to all sorts of metal.

What adult beverage do we recommend while listening to this album?
Clown Shoes Clementine. The array of flavors ranging from orange, clove and tangerine is followed by a spicy, bitter finish. Perfect for a metal album a ton of variety.

What are our final thoughts?
Swedenborg Raum has satisfied our fix for a metal album with great diversity. There is not one dull moment to be found here, and we love the fact they don’t  feel the need to be heavy at all times. This one easily generates an Editors’ Pick rating. - 7/29/2016

Band Members:

Axel W. (Drums), Benjamin B. (Bass) and Florian C. (Guitar)


1. In Between 09:12
2. Heaven And Hell 09:48
3. The Unknown 10:17
4.From Life 06:04
5. Into Death 07:00

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