Show Me A Dinosaur
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Post rock, Black Metal
Sounds Like:
Alcest, Fen
Our first question is who did the artwork on this album? That individual needs to be thanked as it drove us to putting this one in heavy rotation. Show Me a Dinosaur hail from Saint Petersburg Russia and their sophomore self-titled release is a mighty impressive one. Impressive primarily for its ability to meld post rock precision with black metal oppressiveness. Dramatic contrast that the foursome pullout quite naturally. We ask that you not let the first 2 minutes of the opening track "Rakev" turn you off. The opener smacks you with extremely intense fear all at one level for several minutes, but the direction changes significantly as guitar virtuosos Gorshkov and Selyugin deliver heartfelt post rock melodies that play to a whole different ear.

Track Listing:
1. Rakev (5:06)
2. Vjuga(6:08)
3. Ochag (4:05)
4. Lights (5:24)
5. Gone (6:37)
6. Hearth (3:54)
7. Wojna (10:15)

What are our favorite two tracks off the album?
"Lights" is an exceptional track that melds beauty and fear. There are moments where we feel as if we are amidst the anthemic Friday Night Lights soundtrack while ebbing between very dark chasms. We understand this is a difficult concept to grasp, but they pull these drastic contrasts off. While we find ourselves more enthralled with their softer moments, the anger and blood curdling vocals do peak our senses.

The closer "Wojna" is an epic journey that ends in utter terror. A patient well thought out build-up we thoroughly enjoy. Such a great track to put on while you are occupied with other things, you will notice your mind gravitating to the build-up and then full 100% focus in about the last 3 minutes o the track.

Band Members:

Pavel Gorshkov - Guitar
Artem Selyugin - Guitar, Vox
Anton Gataullin - Bass
Aleksandr Vershinin - Drums
Mikhail Kurochkin - recording, mixing, mastering

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany the listening experience?
Yarpivo Pilsner, a popular Russian brew with a subtle hop aroma and a vibrant amber color. Filtered at low temps and brewed using some killer Russian malts and hops.

How is the production and mixing?
An exceptional headphone and surround sound experience indeed. Kurochkin does not disappoint and delivers a very crisp sound.

What are our final thoughts on Show Me A Dinosaur?
We have post-rock albums to preview coming out of our ears. When the market is saturated, its not easy to stand out. This one caught our ear because we appreciate dramatic contrast that works. Being unique not only takes some bold moves, but natural chemistry that can pull off the vibe. Show Me a Dinosaur have impressed us with their continued growth. Their previous full length release entitled Dust was a much darker endeavor and the band has since appeared to have located a raptor with expansive wings. One that is boundless yet filled with angst. Put this one in heavy rotation and it will be a welcomed addition to your library, certainly deserving of an Editor’s Pick. - 12/20/2016

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